Friday, April 18, 2008

The Trouble with Reproducing

SO, since I live in Utah and it is a veritable hot bed of young, giant families, I get this question roughly 6,433 times per day.

"So.... when are you going to have another?"

Now, besides the fact that a) Addison is only two years old, b) I am only 23 and in no way do I feel my biolgoical clock ticking just yet and c) I just don't FEEL like it, I usually try to be creative in my answers to people. But my favourite reason is that I don't want to have another until I can some way guarantee that I'll have a boy. Why?

Because of days like today:

Addison got into her purse (YES she has a purse, and YES I am aware that I am only fostering this kind of behaviour.) and pulled out her tube of lipgloss and smeared the entire tube onto her face. Isn't she lovely?

Don't get me wrong, I am 100% glad I had a girl first. If I had a boy first, I would have smothered him and made him girly by dressing him up and putting him on parade like I do with Addison. I love painting her nails and having her sit with me at my vanity while I get ready, with her trying out my blush. Really, its adorable. She's a little mini-me, and really what the world needs now isn't love, but more Jacquelines.

But she is HIGH MAINTENANCE! She threw a massive fit on Tuesday night because she spotted one of her church dresses (an impossible large, flouncy one of course) and wanted to put it on to sleep in. I said no, tantrum ensued. I just figure I have done my duty as a mom to a little girl. I want a boy now. I want a rough and tumble, dirty, sticky, easy to please boy. Is that so much to ask? And I want Addison to have brothers like I did.

Mushy moment here, but there is nothing in this world that is better than a handful of brothers. Mine are the best. I never feel deprived for not having sisters, instead I feel blessed to have brothers to protect me, beat me up and make me laugh. Not to mention the Porter family is the most drama-free family in the history of mankind. SO... I have my little girl, now I could have a whole basketball team full of boys and be completely happy.

BUT until I can get a money back guarantee, not right now.


(By the way, Addison walked over while I was posting this and saw the picture and said, "Sorry Mama.")


Morgan and Derek said...

Hey Jae, how come you're not pregnant yet?

Carly said...

bahahahaahah......CADENCE's TWIN SISTER!!!! At least she WEARS the lip gloss and doesn't inhale it like it's chocolate.

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