Thursday, May 8, 2008

Addison Strikes Back...

Well, after yesterdays post about Addison being naughty, I'll make up for it by taking this time to admit that I am not the perfect mother (gasp! no! how?) I know, I know. Contrary to popular belief, I do not bake fresh cookies daily, practice "peaceful parenting" (ooookay), take Addison to the museum frequently or even teach her the multiplication tables. Some days it is all I can do by making it up to her via a pizza, a drink and a new hat. So that's what I did.

See her cute new hat? She looks like a tiny Fidel Castro. I went to buy her one for the summer , since it's starting to get sunny and hot out, and all I could find were stupid PRINCESS, ANGEL ones. So I bought her a boys hat. Sorry, Adds.

Just looking cute.

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with tattoos. I thought they turned out pretty nice.

It was a rainy, crappy day, and I was being less than stellar as a mom. So I did what any self-respecting person would do. GOT SOME CHERRY LIMEADES!

Good thing she loves me anyways.

And finally, here's a video of us as we made a pizza and danced to the Pussycat Dolls in the kitchen. Yes, I am aware that Pussycat Dolls may not be the best choice for a toddler, but she liked it anyways.

Here's the link... you can post vids in blogger but it takes so flippin long. So just click here:

"I'm not like other mom's, I'm a cool mom. Right honey?"
"Please stop talking."

Ten points to whoever can tell me what movie the above quote is from, the credo by which I live my life.


Carly said...

Um duh....MEAN GIRLS. So easy Jae....pick a harder one.

Yeah why is that the boys have so much cooler hats and a much better variety to choose from? That hat is so cool, I must find one for Cadence.

Jae said...

Ugh Carly, the girls ones are so offensively girly. They were all like sunhats with butterflies on them. Really? Uh, no.

Bonnie said...

I didn't cheat or anything...I knew it was Mean Girls! I'm so proud of myself! And I love her hat!!

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