Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glow in the Dark

Okay, so I have to post about the concert last night, because it was so crazy and amazing and cool. I got home at 2:45 last night and my darling, darling daughter didn't wake me up until 9:30 so I actually got to sleep a little. Except my feet are sore, and I have no voice AT ALL!

Anyhow, we headed up there and got there around 7, when it was supposed to start but something had happened with one of the tour trucks and they had to start late. They let people come in around 7:45 and then FINALLY the show started at 8:15. We had awesome seats, no one was even in front of us. So the arena goes dark, and first out is Lupe Fiasco. I swear I almost cried lol. I'll try to remember everyone's setlists, or at least what I thought was really good.

Lupe started off with Hip Hop Saved My Life and it was insane!!! Then he went right into Kick Push which is my favourite Lupe song, so I was pretty excited about that. He also did Daydreamin', The Coolest, a few songs with Michael Santos and then finished out with Superstar. SO GOOD.

They had an intermission while they set up for N.E.R.D. which took about 15 minutes. Can i just say I've never seen NERD live, but they are freakin' amazing!!! They started off with Brain, which again, all time favourite so I was pumped. They also did Everyone Nose, She Wants to Move, Rockstar, Lapdance and finished it off with a cover of Seven Nation Army that was crazy. I am so going to be a NERD groupie from now on.

So then there was a longer intermission to set up for Rihanna. Her set design was awesome, they were these lighted craggy mountain things. I heard that Kanye West paid for and designed all of her stuffs so that it would flow better into his. It was awesome. Anyhow, by the time she came on I literally had NO voice left. All I had were high pitched squeaks. She was crazy good though, so i gave it my best shot. SHe started with Broken Dishes and went right into Pon De Replay. Then she did an awesome medley of other people's songs, like M.I.A.'s Paper Planes, and Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing). She also did SOS, Unfaithful, Take a Bow (LOVE!) Please Don't Stop the Music, and of course finished it out with Umbrella.

K, so then came the 30 minute intermission. I was kind of annoyed, because by this time it was 11pm and he hadn't even started yet. But it was so worth the wait. I am going to have to break this down to explain what went on. When the curtain came up, there was a spaceship (named Jane lol) that had crashed on a red planet, and Kanye West was laying on the spaceship floor. Good Morning came on and he woke up from the crash and did that set. Then after asking Jane where they were and not knowing, he did I Wonder and Heard Em Say. Then there was a really cool segue where Jane said "Remember Mr. West, this wasn't your first crash" and it went right in to Through the Wire (for those of you who don't know, Kanye West used to only produce for other artists, until one night when he was in a near-fatal car accident and pretty much broke every bone in his face. He had his jaw wired together, and wrote the first track to College Drop-Out, Through the Wire.) Then he did Champion and Get Em High which was CRAZY GOOD. Like I would sit down between each song because there was more to the story line, and then as soon as a song started I'd have to jump up because I loved everything. THEN!!! He did Diamonds from Sierra Leone which is another favourite, and it had to do with the shooting stars in space. He also did Can't Tell Me Nothing, then went right into Flashing Lights and ended that short set with Spaceship. When he tried to fix the ship and it crashed again because it didn't have enough power, he did All Falls Down, and then did Golddigger... which is better live than on the CD I have decided. He also did Good Life, Jesus Walks, Hey Mama, a Journey cover of Don't Stop Believing, and then ended on Stronger as the spaceship finally came back to earth. When he got "back" he did Homecoming, and then ended the whole thing on Touch the Sky.

It was so elaborate. Everything was done with lights and giant video screens, and an insane set design. All in all, it was an insane concert. I think it'll be hard to top. As a fun note, some guy behind us brought a laser pointer (What the heck, did I miss the memo that it was still 1998??) and got ATTACKED by bodyguards and security and ripped out of the arena. It was awesome.

So today I'm pretty wiped out. I'm definitely planning on staying on my pajamas and trying to nap sometime. I wish I Had pics to show you but they were confiscating any camera or recording device at the door, so no can do. You'll just have to imagine. lol.


Chavah Kinloch said...

I would LOVE to go to that concert. Stupid NZ! Can you tell I'm loving your blog? We have the same sense of humour and I'm stuck in bed sick so I'm reading through all your blog!
XXX Chavah from BBC.

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