Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Future Reference...

I just found another thing to add to my list of "Things To Not Do With a Toddler."

When I was engaged, I was obsessed with watching A Wedding Story. To a disgusting degree. Every day. In fact, I firmly believe that A Wedding Story helped in my actual engagement, because I had been watching it the day Justin proposed, thinking that he would NEVER propose, and remarked bitterly that "At least the guy on this show wants to get married." Justin proposed about an hour later. Even he respects the power of A Wedding Story.

Anyhow, I lost interest after I got married, as I was no longer fascinated by weddings once I'd had my own. It wasn't until I got pregnant with Addison that I realized the excitement of A Baby Story. I would watch it every day before work, for reasons I have yet to understand. A Baby Story is enough to terrify any pregnant women. I have never seen anyone on that show have a peaceful, relaxed birth. They are always screaming like banshees. And then!!!! they show a c-section, which has me terrified of them forevermore. Like, I would explain why it horrifies me, but I just ate breakfast and my stomach is in a very delicate state right now.

Anyhow, once I had Addison, I stopped watching, except for the occasional day when there was nothing else on. But Justin really hates it, so for the most part, it was off. Until I found out I was pregnant again. Of course, now I am back into watching it while Addison and I eat.

Yesterday we were having our pancakes and cantaloupe on the couch, watching A Baby Story. It got to the all-important PUSH!!! scene, and the poor woman starts screaming. Addison asks me, "That momma sad?" And I tell her yes, the mommy is sad because she has an owie. At which point, Addison hops up and kisses the tv to make it feel better. I decide that this is a prime time to explain the facts of life to my two year old. As the woman continues to scream, the baby's head emerges in all of it's gooey glory. "See Addison? The baby came from the mommy's tummy, and now they get to take her home!" Addison looks at the TV in horror, her eyes as big as saucers. She looks at me, and back at the TV and back me, where I am pointing to my belly in an effort to hit the point home. She considers this for a moment, and says, " Elmo?"

Which is pretty much Justin's reaction to it as well.


Nathaly said...

I love that whenever I'm checking my blog list, and I'm bummed that no one has updated, leaving me with nothing to read, I can always count on seeing this:

Jae and Justin
Updated 23 minutes ago.

Lol. Thanks for not being a slacker! And Addison's response to the miracle of birth is hilarious.

Ryan Porter - Make Your Own Lunch TM said...

You mean that you didn't tell her the "when a mommy loves a daddy - he plants a seed story????" Oh, you will! Loved your entry - and gotta love that little girl! She's really got the idea you know - Elmo is way more fun than giving birth!

Love YOu - Mom

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