Wednesday, March 18, 2009

File this under: Things Addison will be mad that I shared.

So the other night we were just hanging around the house, and decided to go get ice cream. This happens a lot at our house. Bored? Eat! It's how we live. So we loaded up the kids (KIDS! I know, its still weird to me) and drove down to McDonalds, a mere ten minutes away. Hooray for living in a cornfield!

Anyhow, we got our ice cream, which somehow turned into a double cheeseburger (DON'T JUDGE ME!) and hung out. Addison ate her ice cream, Justin and I had our cheeseburgers, Andrew slept the entire time. Sure enough, Addison needed to go potty. Addison has been great with the potty. She even night trained herself, and for the most part I love it . Except that I hate public washrooms. They are gross. Most of the time I run her in there as fast as I can and get her out even faster. So, since I haven't been able to con Justin into doing to public washroom thing with her, off we went.

Onto the potty she went, where she did her business while I leaned against the wall and tried to hurry her. She informed me that she would not be hurried and said "Mama, you wait, okay?" Well, apparently the toilet decided she'd taken long enough, and decided to flush. I have never seen a child so TERRIFIED in my life. Her eyes went wide and she started SCREAMING. Which made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I had to peel my shaking and crying daughter off of the toilet, wash her hands and run her back out to Justin, laughing hysterically the whole time. Justin was mortified that I would laugh at our daughter's expense, but I'm sorry. It was awesome.

So now we're being very careful of public washrooms and their flushing capabilities. I feel kind of lucky she didn't swear off toilets once and for all.


Carolyn said...

HA! Oh my gosh, Jordyn HATES auto flush toilets for the exact same reason. If she sees that a toilet has a "black button" she screams and runs frantically away. So atleast Addison won't hate toilets, probably just public ones lol. And, I laughed too :)

Morgan and Derek said...

Henry is terrified of them as well. I have to grab him and pull him away before he can even pull up his pants, otherwise he cries and cries. HAHAH! Poor kiddos.

Jen said...

Oh--there was just a tip in a mommy magazine to keep sticky notes in your bag and use them to cover the sensor, so it doesn't flush while your child is still on it!

Ethan doesn't like toilets that have a really loud flush--he always tries to cover his ears.

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