Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend, like everyone else in the blogosphere.

Yeah I know, everyone has a blog about Easter today. So do I. TOO BAD FOR YOU. Addison took to calling the easter Bunny the Bunny Rooster for no apparent reason, so Bunny Rooster is the one who gets the cred for the spread.

Addison examining her Easter basket.

Me taking a very dark picture around midnight when we set out the Easter goodies and scooter. Addison has seen the movie Bolt roughly 8000 times and wanted a scooter "like Penny."

The end result of the lone 6 eggs we were able to dye. I only had 9 on hand and 3 cracked. So. Yeah.

Addison working on the dyeing of the eggs.

Me concentrating hard to make a "princess Egg" somehow.

Andrew being cute and watching the festivities. I always have to have him up in his carseat somewhere so he can sit and watch everything. He's an observer. OMG I want to squish him. In a completely unrelated note, he laughed for the first time and I died, literally died, because it was so cute. He was nursing at the time and apparently finds my boob HILARIOUS.

What happens when I let Justin boil the eggs.

The colours, and the high tech system we used for not getting dye everywhere. And Addison's feet.

Justin hard at work while Addison messes around on the counter.

Addison at the jumping castle down at our city park.

With her eggs in her basket. She was freezing, it was pouring rain, but we went anyways. Its one of the perks of living in an eensy weensy town.

"If you can hear me raise your hand!" lol.

Addison and Andrew loving on each other. Love the brother/sister combo!!

So easter is over and I'm a little glad. Easter makes it so you have to be a good parent and traipse around in the rain so your kid can find eggs out in the grass. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

It's Rachelle again...LOVE the pix!!!! Now you just have to add drew to the main pix on your page!! You have the most adorable kids ever!!!!

Uncle Rynie said...

MAN I have a cute niece and nephew!

PS How many words can Addison say? Deacon's vocab is up to about 4 and a half... And he knows the entire Alphabet and 2 of the 3 Japanese alphabets.

Char said...

K, I linked over from BBC and I just have to tell you that the picture of your husband being in charge of boiling the eggs made my whole morning.

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