Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quotent Quotables

While giving her a bath today, Addison and I had this conversation.

Her: Mommy, I don't like to have showers.
Me: Yup, you have baths.

Her: Yeah. Girls don't like showers.
Me: What about me? I like showers!
Her: You're not a girl! You're a mommy!

And this one...

Me: K, Addison, it's time to go have a nap.
Her: But its a beautiful day outside! (K, so she's a little dramatic sometimes.)
Me: Yes, but we still have to take naps, even on sunny days.
Her: But I CAN'T sleep.

Me: How come?
Her: Grandpa says not to sleep in the day!

(By the way, it is common knowledge/ inside joke in the Curtis household that you aren't supposed to sleep during the day. Grandpa Curtis prefers to work. Somehow Addison overheard Justin talking to his dad about not sleeping during the day and she internalized it, just to bring it out at the right moment: nap time. She still had a nap.)


GuppiesGalore said...

She's cheeky and cute. I love little girls with attitude.

Sheriece said...

Oh my, what good timing on her part. I hope Grandpa Curtis is properly ashamed of himself.

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