Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day WEEK

So you may or may not have noticed that I've been gone for like, ever. Me and the fam took a little impromptu trip up to the land of my birth, Canada. It was my not so little Mother's Day present from Justin. I was feeling bummed that like 99.9999999% of my family had never met Andrew. Usually I travel up there alone. The last time Justin came was Christmas of '06, and I'm not even exaggerating. But I was terrified to travel with TWO kids all by my lonesome, so I convinced him to come with me.

And it was so. fun. I think everyone has a little love affair for their home town. I left when I turned 19, so all my memories from home are fun, lazy, teenager days, when I worked easy jobs and sat on the porch with my friends pretty much every day. So when I go to visit, it isn't that hard to fall into my old habits. We spent everyday messing around, going to parks and the zoo, walking down to the store (something that I can NEVER do at home, seeing as the closest store is about 6 miles away) and sitting around and laughing at the dinner table.

Addison goes up there and has attention heaped upon her like it is going out of style. We got home late last night and the most attention she's gotten from me was in the form of a bowl of Lucky Charms. So basically, she misses her uncles. We also spent a lot of time with my cousin's family. Kelly has three little girls of her own, which made Addison delirious with excitement. GIRLS TO PLAY WITH!!! And I love it because Addison is occupied, while I get to dish with Kelly of all the going ons in our respective marriages.

And the food! Why is Canadian food so good? I know, you're like really? Because no one hears Canada and thinks fine cuisine. But because the area I'm from is so diverse, you can get ANYTHING and it is all so so so good. I literally just consumed the entire town, which I'm sure has caused me to gain ten pounds. Naughty things like double caramel sundaes are the death of anyone trying to remain under 200 lbs. And MMM schnitzel. Like, I was actually thinking, its a good thing I'm not obsessed with all food like I am obsessed with Canadian food, or I would be seriously obese. I'm not kidding... I had ice cream cake for breakfast and had two lunches. Daily.

The traveling with two kids was fine, but I am still nervous to do it on my own. It worked out for us to each have a kid on the plane to entertain. HOWEVER, we did endure a really jerky flight attendant, who told the man sitting near us that people who have kids don't care about the environment. K, AWESOME. Thanks for that little tidbit. Hope you enjoy that salary that my tiny little drains on humanity helped pay for. Sorry for RUINING YOUR PLANET.

So we're home now. We rolled up to our house at roughly 12:30am last night, said hello to our fish and then collapsed into bed. I LOVE MY BED. Apologies to Jonathan, whose cave-like bedroom we took over for the entire time we were there, but my bed kicks your bed's butt.

Here's the pics!

Me and Andrew at Niagara Falls

Gigi and Addison. Adds was way too excited to look at the camera. There was WATERFALLS!

Me and the kids. KIDS. I know, right?


Andrew at the zoo, being generally very cute.

Justin and Addison checking out some sort of reindeer.

Feeding some really REALLY hungry goats.

Picking up rocks with Uncle Dallin.

So peace out, Canada. It was a slice. And by slice, I mean slice of ice cream cake. And pie.


Nathaly said...

How fun! I love that part of Canada. It's been soooo long since I've been there. Like, 12 years. Glad you guys had fun!

J.T. and KristaLyn said...

Does Justin ever smile? I could go for some nice poutine.

kemery755 said...

What are you talking about? That IS Justin's smile. Looks a lot like Grandpa's, but without the furrowed brow.

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