Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update: My daughter, the superstar

Another fun filled, action packed weekend. I am having the worst trouble blogging. I get on the comp to work first think in the morning and then when I'm done around 10:30am, I'm like itching to not be on the computer anymore, so its been a struggle.

We started the weekend off with Addison's mini dance recital. It was just a showcase so all of the parents could see what the girls learned at Dance Camp. The big recital is the parades she's going to be in, and then a final recital in the park for our city festival. SO CUTE. Addison is pretty much the worst dancer ever. She gets distracted by herself and then ends up making faces at the mirror or forgetting to dance altogether. Her little bestie, Kalin was in class with her too, and the two of them together were just trouble. It was still fun to see her in her tutu, "shaking her body" as she calls it.

Friday night we headed to our friend's sons birthday. Wally and Celeste are awesome, and we each have two kids, exactly four months apart from eachother. So its nice to have friends that have built in kid friends too. And I GUESS Wally and Celeste are okay. Just kidding, we really love them. I thank my lucky stars every day that Wally married someone I LIKE. lol. PS his name is definitely not Wally. We just call him that. Weird. Addison thinks he is the robot, Wall-E.

On Saturday we went down to the city park. Every year they have a big city celebration. One of the best parts of living in a teensy, weensy town that doesn't have so much as a gas station, is that there are tons of town parties and events to go to, and they are never crowded. lol. There was a big carnival and we took Addison down. She came home with a gazillion dinky prizes that will end up in the garbage soon enough, but she was super excited anyhow.

Addison being cheeky while waiting for her turn to do JAZZ WALKS!

With her hands on her hips ready to shake it.

Striking a pose with her adorable friend.

Andrew, tuckered out by the events, was bouncing away happily in the Jumper, until he fell asleep like a tiny narcoleptic.

And here is Addison's dance (click the link). Please note around the 1:09 mark where she makes faces at herself in the mirror and misses roughly half of the dance.

Oh to be a three year old.


Morgan and Derek said...

Oh the tutus! Beautiful! And Andrew is too ridiculously cute.

Nathaly said...

She is the cutest little dancer I've ever seen. I seriously watched it twice. And Diego and Celo used to fall asleep in the middle of jumping all the time, lol. Andrew is such a chunk. Love it!

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