Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition

I will never get over how odd I think American Thanksgiving is. It's just so late in the year! And cold! Actually, this year it wasn't really that cold. But still. When I was freeing my biscuit off at 11:30 pm outside of the mall, I was cursing American Thanksgiving. But I digress...

I stayed up Wednesday night baking. My super awesome friends, Kate and Sara, run the food blog that you can see to the right of my page there. Do you see it? Aw, cute. Anyhow, I was inspired by their foodiness, and made their White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake, the remains of which are slowly being eaten by yours truly. It. Was. Awesome. It was such a nice break from all of the pie. Totally worth it. However, we did find out while grinding up pecans that Andrew is DEATHLY afraid of my food processor. Like screaming like a crazy person scared. I was so tempted to demonstrate for Justin when he came home, but felt like it might have bordered on child abuse.

Thanksgiving was pretty good, I will say. As weird as it is, I ate my weight in sweet potatoes and wanted to sleep for years. I did get all of my Black Friday ads, and get this: I got out my post it notes, and wrote what time each store opened and what I needed at each store, and stuck it all over the fliers so that I'd be organized. I AM SICK IN THE HEAD. But it did help me stay organized and not become distracted by shiny things while out shopping.

This was the first year I attempted Black Friday on my own and I did not love it. Here's why. I hope that somewhere, the lady that SCREWED me over is reading this blog, so she can find out what a terrible person she is. Often, on Black Friday, you end up teaming up with complete strangers who are also looking for the same items as you are, so that together you can find it faster. Because stores like to toy with consumers, sale items are always in random places in all of the stores. I was looking for a toy for Addison, and overheard a lady say she was looking for it as well. I offered up the places I had already looked and we agreed to work together. We searched, and when we found it, there were TWO left on the very top shelf. She was much taller than I was, so she reached up to get them down, and I held out my hands to catch it..................................... which is when she walked off with BOTH. I was so mad that I passively aggressively wrote about it on my blog. I came home from shopping in the worst mood. Justin had to take me to the mall just to get me to calm down. Brutal.

I went shopping in Salt Lake on Saturday and spent too much money. When I came home Justin had a mild heart attack and I think he might have died for like three seconds. But I felt happy and fulfilled, and now Christmas is in full swing. I have exactly three weeks before my family invades my home, and I have to plan my attack for getting everything ready.

If you aren't listening to Christmas music, watching Elf on repeat or baking gingerbread yet, SHAME ON YOU!


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