Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Pics!

How crazy was Christmas this year? I hardly had time to check my e-mail, let alone throw a post on here. LUCKILY! I make up for it with a barrage of Christmas pictures. If you want to see them, head on over to my Facebook to check them out. You don't have to have a Facebook account to do it, just click HERE. Awesome, right?

I am finally getting settled down after my family headed back north last week. No joke, it took me eight straight hours to clean up and get Christmas the heck outta my house. Now it's so bare I keep walking down the stairs and thinking, what am I missing here? But it is very zen and clean and lovely.

So, we're back to the grind after two weeks of holiday. Justin and I were lamenting how Memorial Day is awfully far away. I am trying to convince him to take me on a cruise for Valentine's Day, but so far, I'm not really getting anywhere. I married Scrooge.

Oh wait. He did get me my beloved Frye Harness boots, and for that I will be forever grateful. They are the prettiest little boots I ever did see. I did point out the irony of his hatred of my shoe habit, yet he bought me my momentous 80th pair of shoes. Uh huh. That's true love, right there. One more pair for him to trip over when he gets home at night.

Well, I'll be back to posting this week. I have some good Christmas stories, I just have to get them organized in my head.

Cheers to New Years!

PS Can I also point out how annoyed I've been every time someone posts about New Year's Eve, 2010. AAAaaactually, it was New Year's Eve 2009 this year.


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