Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Confessional

Yay Fridays! I love!

-I totally appreciate and admire women who allow their hair to go gray naturally, yet I don't really think I will be one of them. I wish I was, I really do. But I'm much too vain.
-Also, I hate when people joke about age and make it sound that its only your 29th birthday when it's really your 40th. Like, really? Is it THAT BAD? Ugh, there is nothing more annoying than hearing someone say something like "It's my 19th birthday...FOR THE 20TH TIME" Omg, you're hilarious.
-In case you haven't noticed, I am fairly obsessed with books. I get nervous without them. I was just saying how it stems from my childhood. I read ALOT. I emerged from the womb with Little House on the Prairie clutched in my tiny fists.
-I think that there is nothing more wonderful than eating in bed. It makes Justin craaaazy, but I love to wind the night down with a snack, reading and a glass of milk before I fall asleep. I know that is all kinds of wrong from a diet or germ standpoint, but whatevs.
-Lately I've been listening to odd music. When I'm working, I find it hard to listen to music with words because the words get jumbled in my head. So I've had my Pandora set to composer Dario Marinelli. Like, what?
-I constantly doodle butterflies and cats all over papers while I'm on the phone. I also practice my signature a lot.
-While I find my kids to be adorable and charming, I really don't expect anyone else to. Because of this, I get hypersensitive and paranoid that my A&A are annoying people. Because most other children annoy me. It's a give and take, really.

Alright, off for some weekend goodness. I spotted something in Nordstrom last week and didn't buy it, and now I am on a mission. It's literally all I have planned for the weekend. I'm slightly materialistic.


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