Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say Cheese!

...or not. Actually, don't ever at my house. Cheese is up there with words like "universal healthcare", "sweatpants" or "what is more delicious, slim jims or doritos?" Meaning, if you use those words, you're likely to start a fight.

See, Addison hates nothing in the world like she hates cheese. Even as a baby she wouldn't try it, and to this day I have to bribe her to eat a piece. HATES IT. Usually I say something like "If you eat this piece of cheese, I'll love you". Non emotional damaging stuff like that.

HOWEVER, she doesn't necessarily hate the taste of cheese. So we've studiously mislead our daughter to think that things that are very cheesy are in fact cheese-LESS.

Take pizza, for example. We distract her so fully with her hatred of pepperoni that she eats cheese pizza just fine.

Macaroni? Fine, as long as you assure her that it is the cheeseless kind. "Mom? I want macaroni without cheese" "Okay Adds, coming riiiight up."

My latest deception has been grilled cheese. Instead of grilled cheese, we call them "SUPERSAUCE SANDWICHES". I am actually not kidding. She loves them, but I'm sure her friend's moms wonder what she's talking about when she requests supersauce for lunch.

Oh well. Future Addison, I'm sorry that I lied to you about cheese. But OMG what else am I supposed to make you for lunch?

It's a good thing you're cute.

Modeling her new shirt from Unkie Steve.

Being cute before heading to the dino museum.

Goo! I tied her short hair in rags and got crazy curls.

See? Also, she fell off the couch at her cousin's house and totally faceplanted. Hence the lip-cut. Just kidding. I walloped her. OMG really just kidding. It was the first one.


The Wifey said...

Her hair is so cute! And you make me laugh. I love your posts. You remind me of GoFugYourself authors.

Nathaly said...

Cutest hair ever.

Morgan -Ing said...


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