Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update

So what is up with it being March and snowing all the live long day? Flippin' global warming. It snows one day, and melts, and then snows and melts again. My normally ugly yard looks extra ugly with all the mud around it, it that's even possible.

We headed up to the cabin for a night so that we could try sledding. But the weather was so overcast I about went blind trying to see where I was going. I ended up spending most of the time reading a craptacular book I picked up at the grocery store on the way there, and eating cheese ball while reading Women's Health. So not productive.

On Saturday we drove home and took Addison to see Alice in Wonderland, and it completely rocked my world. I think I was the real kid sitting there with my dorky 3D glasses on, pointing out different characters "OMG!!! That's the WHITE QUEEN!" and generally annoying everyone around us. But really, I know the reviews were mixed but I loved it like I love my babies. Although, I will confess that Justin and I often discuss how we'd be terrible movie critics. If I go to the movies and I don't fall asleep, I think it was a good movie.

Except for zombie movies. Zombie movies are never good. I don't like when people get viruses and eat their families and such.

So that was a tangent. ON TO THE PICS!

This is officially the only piece of clothing (or anything, really) that Addison and Andrew have shared. When Addison was two, I looked all over to find a one-piece snowsuit in like, January. The only one I could find was blue, so I bought it. Don't you just want to eat my baby? Also, I would like to point out that Addison was a whole year older when she wore this. Fat guy in a little coat!

Here's how deep the snow was. You can also tell how overcast it was. Boo. I like sunshiny snowmobiling. PS I have a hot pink helmet and it makes me happy.

Ch-check me out! Justin finally got my favorite sled, the 500, running.

Addison on the 600 with her Berpah. She is a thrill-seeker. I can't get over how crazy she is. She'll be like "LOOK AT THAT MOUNTAIN! Let's ride up it now."

How cute and stay-pufty is this ensemble. I love it.

Also, me, Addison and a very reluctant Lucy-the-dog went for some toboganning. We got wildy out of control. Lucy jumped off and we ended at the very bottom of the hill. I yelled for Justin to get on his machine and ride down to get us. We all piled on and promptly got the snowmobile stuck.

Time to lose some weight...



Justin said...

If you hate Zombie movies so much, why did you just stay up all night to watch Day of the Dead?

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