Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the Car Wash

It was a beautiful day yesterday in the high 60's so naturally, Justin HAD to was his car. This happens any time it is sunny. Problem is, we live in Utah, and the day after a nice day is probably snowy, rainy, tornado-y, whatever kind of freak weather out there that will ruin all the hard work of a car wash. Let me also say I HATE WASHING CARS. Honestly, give me the choice between a root canal without Novocaine and washing a car, and I'll probably take the root canal. Washing cars just annoys me. For one, they get dirty like five seconds after. It's super inane and boring. And Justin is all business when it comes to car washing, and there is no fun spraying of eachother with the hose. It might get the car wet after he dried it with my kitchen towels.

Nevertheless, we trekked out to our driveway to scrub down Justin's car. My car is still filthy but I refused to do anything more then spray it down with the hose. Addison, however, was overjoyed to the tenth degree that she was allowed to play in bubbles, wash things, and then watch the little stream of water come from our hose. She ended up soaking wet, and asked for ice cream when we were done. She sure knows how to get her dad. He'll never refuse ice cream when Addison worked harder than I did.
And just in case you were wondering... it is raining today.


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