Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Yay! Good old Earth Day. I wish it was a *real* holiday. In my mind, nothing is a real holiday unless you get a day off and presents. So, sorry Earth Day, people will just talk about you without actually observing you. But in a sad attempt to celebrate, I am not driving my car today and eating local foods. (Ha! From the local McDonalds. Zing!)

Whereas I am not a person who runs around claiming the end of the world through global warming in the next year, I do believe that we should be conservative with our earth just because. Humans kind of have a crappy track record for not leaving things the way they found them, and the very least we can do is try to be a little kinder and more conscientious with the things we do that impact the world around us. I am totally guilty of this. I live it the world's smallest town, yet feel the need to drive to someone's house that I could have easily walked to. And I totally abuse Ziploc bags which are naughty plastic. (In Canada we call them baggie bags...so much cuter!) And I suck for wasting things in general. But even if you stand back and take a look for only one day, it might be enough to inspire you to make some changes.

Addison and I are going for a picnic at the park today, as long as it stays warm. I promise I'll use Tupperware for the sandwiches!

(By the way, in a completely unrelated note, last night Addison was walking up the stairs and lost her balance and went backwards down them. IT WAS SO SAD. When I asked her what happened, she said "Owie!" And when I asked her where, she said "Ear...head....nose." And I nearly cried. Poor kid. She'll be sore today...)


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