Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Product Review!

I'll admit it. I am part of raging love triangle. It's between me, Addison and Addison's paints. They are THE best. My mom sent them down for Christmas, and they are definitely her #1 favourite toy. She plays with them every day, but its not a fleeting session where she gets bored and moves on. Addison will play with these paints for HOURS if I let her. My mom also brought down the coolest giant colouring book, which I appreciate because Addison doesn't go off the paper. I know you're all thinking, "But little Jimmy already has paints." No, he doesn't. There is no reason a child should be painting the old school way without these little gems:


They are little eggy shaped paints with reserves of paints inside. They never spill or dry out, you just pump 'em to get them going. It makes it so that Adds can play with her paints every day, without me being annoyed every time I have to haul out her supplies. In fact, she usually sets them up herself. She has to use a mat on the floor, and she'll go and get it, spread it out and then situate herself. I am all about baby independence!

The only thing is that they can be messy, but are super washable. And really, if you are afraid to let your kid get dirty, you're in for a long 18 years. Just go with the flow. Luckily they make things like "wash-cloths" and "baths." You'll live, I promise. And you'll be mom of the year. Just look at the pure love and joy that exudes from Addison's tiny body, knowing that I let her paint to her little heart's content!


Carly said...

LOL Jae I saw these in Toys R Us awhile ago and for a fleeting moment thought of getting them. Then I went over this scenario in my head; Cadence painting over EVERYTHING, hair, clothes, carpet, name it. I then decided to wait until she was a wee bit older, like 12. lol. I'm glad Adds like them though!

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