Friday, April 4, 2008

So, without further ado...

Yay! A real post. I am so on the ball. Quick run-down on the fam. There's just the three of us, Justin, me and Addison. Justin and I have been married for almost five years (I just threw up in my mouth a little - how am I so old??) We met in my hometown back in Canada, moved down to Utah and set up shop in a house that Justin decided to build, as my friend Carly likes to say "with his bare hands." Addison came along in our third year of marriage, and she just turned two. No more kids for now, (DON'T ACT LIKE YOUR NEXT QUESTION WASN'T GOING TO BE "WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE COMING? I'm sorry, I live in Utah and have a bit of a complex.) Justin is an architect and the apple of George Costanza's eye, while I work from home in e-commerce. Trust me, it's the easiest way to explain what the heck I do.

For now, it's the weekend! And you know what that means, don't you? That's right, pawning off our daughter on someone so that Justin and I can squeeze in some kind of date-like occassion, usually starting out as dinner and a movie, and slowly deteriorating when we arrive late for said movie, it's sold out, we leave dejected, all of the restaurants have a ninety minute wait, and we give up, get some Wendy's and drive back home. Therefore, "date night" usually costs more in gas than actual date fun.

Unfortunately, Justin's parents - aka permanent babysitters -are in San Diego on a trip, which means we will have to find something baby-friendly to do this weekend. I am guessing we'll end up at Horton Hears a Who OR (and this is quite a prospect!) VeggieTales, and I can feel like a good mom for planning fun, popcorn-filled adventures for my daughter.

BUT if we're really lucky, Addison will throw a fit around dinner time, and we'll give up on the notion of ever leaving the house again. We'll put her to bed early and pop in a Netflix movie, and turn in around 10:30.

Netflix- salvaging the weekends of young couples everywhere.


Carly said...

Pshhh....Making fun of me huh? LOL.

"Uh you know...with power tools."

So funny, you were probably like, "Who the heck is this crazy internet girl?"

Jae said...

Oh Carly, you know I love you! Aren't you proud to be oart of my blog?

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