Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update and Shameless Bragging

Our weekend was pretty good. Don't you always feel that you should be doings something awesome on the weekend? And then you just do something normal, but its still a good weekend? On Friday we left Addison with Justin's parents for an hour while we went looking for new workout shoes for me. Why? Because the ones that I had were SO worn out and crappy that when I was at the gym last time, I took a Pump class (weight training) and they were doing work with resistance bands wrapped around your feet and they kept sliding off my feet and whacking my in the eyeball. So to save myself further humiliation next time I go, I talked Justin into some new ones. So off we went. I ended up hating all the shoes at the store except for the kid's ones, which I ended up buying. Hooray for freakishly child-like feet! Afterwards we got some ice cream and walked around Salem Pond for a while and I dropped my cone off the bridge and some greedy ducks ate it. Sigh. On the bright side, when we came home Addison loved my shoes, and we all stayed up late and played. I love Friday nights.

We just did the usual on Saturday, puttered around, we bought some stuff to make curtains for Addison's room that I am pretty excited (funny what things you get excited about when you're old and married like me eh?)
We went to church on Sunday. I will confess, one of the reasons I love going is because I can put Addison in adorable dresses and generally parade her around for all to see. I'm a fantastic mother that way. Honestly, I wouldn't do it if she wasn't such a cute little girl. I say all the time that I wish I had an uglier baby so that I wouldn't spend so much on clothes for her, let her off the hook for things, spoil her, etc, etc. But alas, it is my cross to bear in this life. So here are some pics so that you can agree with me. I know I am biased, but I like to think that even if Addison was someone else's kid, I'd still say she was gorgeous.



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