Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's Get Political...

...See what I did there? Oh, Olivia Newton John, I thank you for your contributions to society.

Now, even though I'm not even American, I must confess I love American politics. They're so dirty and gritty and dramatic. I've been following the race pretty closely, especially when some of the hottest-button issues concern me, like immigration reform.

Justin and I rarely agree on politics. It IS possible to have a relationship with someone who has completely different views! Mind you, there have been some big debates in our house, but I secretly love it. If you can't sharpen your mind while debating with your spouse, when else can you do it. We do agree on some things; I tend to be fiscally conservative but consider myself a Democrat in most areas. Justin is a true Republican. The things we don't agree on are health care, gay rights, the war and a few other social issues where I tend to be liberal. But we do agree on a few things, namely taxes and immigration, so we're not completely a lost cause. I wish you could be a fly on the wall during some of our politically charged discussions. They're really good. Then we kiss goodnight and go to bed.

Now, I have a cool opportunity to have a super unique objective view on American politics, because I have the ability to complain and whine with the best of them, even though I'm not American and therefore, cannot vote. At this point in time, I'm glad of that, because this election is looking bleak to me and I am glad I don't have the responsibility to choose the next President, in such a precarious time as this. On the other hand, I don't like when Americans call themselves "apathetic" when listing their political views. In my mind, no one has the luxury of being apathetic towards choosing the people who will effectively run the country they live in. Because those are surely the people, who two years down the road, will complain about their President, and really have no right to because at the time s/he was chosen, they didn't really care.

Off that little rant, I think all that is wrong with politics in this country can be summed up with one picture.

This psychotic lady. Now, I might even err on the side of feminism a lot of the time. But please, people of America, do not vote this woman to be your next president. Whereas there are a lot of reasons why I don't like her, and why I think she'd make a terrible president. But I'll give you my number one.

She thinks Americans are stupid.

Are you stupid? No. But Hill here pretty much thinks you're a bunch of impressionable idiots. Here's why. Remember that big uproar when Obama said working class Americans were bitter? And Hillary freaked out and called his remarks elitist? What did she do immediately after? Oh that's right, she showed up at a bar and had a few beers. With her camera crew in tow. The tapes which were later sent to every possible media outlet.

So, we sit in our living rooms, us middle class Americans, and hear the reports and see the footage, and we're supposed to think that she is this down to earth, good old girl, who lets her hair down with working class grunts and loves it.

Now, I don't know why politicians think that the American people can be played like fiddles however they want. They sit down with their advisers, and strategically plan the best way possible to project untrue images of themselves onto their target audiences. And that annoys me to no end. No one here is stupid. No one is going to see Hillary drinking beer and change their opinion of her, and think she knows the working class citizens in this country better than her opponent. And the fact she thinks they will is frankly, a little offensive. Heaven forbid someone would just choose their next president based on their merits and politics. No, we have to have these silly games, planned by silly people who think they know what everyone wants. Really, I think that's 100 times more elitist than whatever Obama said. To be honest, both candidates are elitist, so it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Me? I want to pick a candidate based on their track record and political values. I don't care how many babies they've kissed, or shots they've done. I want to know how they voted on issues in the past, because that to me is the greatest predictor of their future. And I certainly don't want my president to think I'm stupid and easily manipulated. So, my pretend vote will not go to Clinton.

I'm still deciding between the other two.


Hillary said...

Agreed about Hillary Clinton. It's a shame to share a name with someone so pathetic. I especially loved the incident where she said she was shot at. How can someone get "confused" when they're talking about being shot at with a sniper rifle? I'm pretty sure an incident like that would be correctly preserved in my memory for time and all eternity.


Jae said...

Haha maybe by "shot at" she meant "showered with hospitality"? They're easy to mix up...

Hillary said...

Oh yeah, very easy to mix up. Totally interchangeable terminology!

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