Friday, May 2, 2008


Thought I'd update on some of the new things that Addison has been picking up lately. Having a two year old is scary, they WILL repeat anything you say. I never knew how much I said that sounds horrible coming from a little baby's mouth. Like when I say "Shut up!" to someone on the phone, Addison will run around yelling "Shut up! Shut up!" It's funny, but oh so wrong.
Some other things she's picked up: -Singing Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.

-Asking for donuts (or nonuts as she calls them) Do you think she's half Canadian?

-In church the other day, she was being squirmy at the very end, so I started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to her quietly to calm her down. She yells "Stop singing!!!" Apparently she does not enjoy Itsy Bitsy Spider. She also yelled this at the radio when some crappy song by Baby Bash was on. So at least she was right with that.

-I have a little weighted ball that I use to work out with when I can't get to the gym. Addison is obsessed with it and I had to find one for her. Then she works out with me.

-She has taken to calling me a "Good girl" when I do something for her. When I get her something to eat she'll say "Mommy, good girl!" I can't tell you what it's done for my confidence. By golly, I am a good girl.

-Her newfound love of chocolate milk. The only problem is she calls it ice cream. So all day long she walks around begging me for ice cream, when all she really wants is chocolate milk.

-She's started picking my family members out in a picture. She just barely started calling my mom "Gigi" but with a hard 'g'. I don't know where she picked that up from. And she calls my dad "Poppies", and she can say Dallin, Ryan and Sachi, but is having a hard time with saying Daniel. We're working on it.

-All day she harasses me to draw things on her magna-doodle. She drag it over to me and say "Fishy?" and I'll draw a fish. Then "Star"? And I'll draw a star. Then "Mommy?" and I'll draw myself. I believe she'll one day be an expert in abstract art, because she always recognizes the things I draw, even though they don't look like anything in particular.

-She calls herself "Addisee" I think because half the people she knows call her Addison, the other half Addie. She merged the two together, so if you ever point and ask, "Who's that?" She'll say Addisee. She also looks for Addisee when she's playing hide and seek, and yells "Addisee... where are you?"

So, now you're up to date with all the late-breaking developments in Addison's two year old life. One more EXCITING one. She learned how to blow bubbles herself, effectively freeing up at least two hours of my day.


Nat said...

Addisee is too cute.

Diego yells, "Stop singing" every time I start to sing along to any song. It's quite insulting.

Uncle Ryan said...

Wait til the one week bid with her uncles is over.. We are going to send her back saying a whole lot more. I will let Saunders sit with her for a day and see what she picks up from him...

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