Monday, May 5, 2008

Random Info You Can't Live Without.

Well, it's another Monday here in Utah. Boo to that. Back to the grind for another week. I do have some good news though! I am going home to Canada on the 21st, so in two and a half weeks. I'll be there till the 28th and that makes me a happy girl. So the countdown begins! Only 16 more days!

We had a good weekend here. I took Addison toy shopping on Friday afternoon just because she's a cute kid and I have a weakness for buying toys. I ended up buying her a tent (why do I buy her large toys? What is wrong with me?) as well as a new purse and some accessories (lip gloss, nail polish, the normal things a two year old should have). Then we took her out for pizza. Wow, I just realized how spoiled she is! Worst parents ever.

Here she is with her new tent!

Oh, I also dyed my hair. Now let me explain that I am obsessed with dyeing my hair. I like change but I don't like cutting it, so I make it all manner of colours... it was pretty red for the last 6 months or so, which I liked, but for the summer I like to go back to my natural colour so I don't have to worry about doing it while I am trying to have summer fun. I know one day my hair will fall out and leave me completely bald due to my love of hair colouring, but the girl who does my hair assures me that I have freakishly healthy hair so it's okay. I guess we'll see.

Cute, right?

Finally, to top off my random post full of random information you needed to know, Addison learned to use my camera and is super obsessed with it. She runs over to me saying "CHEESE! CHEESE!" which is my cue to hand it over and let her take pics of her thumb, the floor, and my pant leg. She's been playing with it all morning, pretty impressive! This one she managed to get my pants AND her thumb, so I thought that was pretty special.

The photographic stylings of Addison.

A random picture of Addison that fits well with the random tone of the day.

Well, back to work. I definitely have a case of the Monday's.


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