Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Inventor

Remember last week? When Addison had a major meltdown at Wal-Mart over a pink potty that she *had* to have? And remember how I bought it, think it was a good sign that she wanted to start potty training?

Well, not so much. I was working and Addison was being busy in the loft behind me, and I turned around to see what she'd done. (Before you cry neglect, just know that I am the kind of mother who lets Addison be busy and cleans up the mess later.) She'd dragged her potty out from where it had been sitting, unused of course, in the bathroom, and was using it as a breakfast table.

I guess when I complained to her that "I wish you would learn to use the potty!" I should have specified how I wanted her to use said potty. After all, she's only two.


Julia257 said...

That's so funny!!! By the way I love your page, you neet to teach me how to do the top like that. How was your mothers day?

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