Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Come Fly With Me!

So, like I said, I am flying home in two weeks for a glorious week-long vacation with my family in my hometown. We always talk about going on these great vacations, but in the end, I always end up deciding I want to go to Canada.

We drove there once. Never again.

So now I fly. I don't ever want to think about how much money I (and my parents, since they usually get roped into buying them too) have spent on plane tickets. It is disgusting. But it saves my sanity. After five years of flying back and forth, I've become something of an airline conisseur. I know which airlines to fly at which time of year, and how to do it with a baby. The last time I flew on my own was when I went to visit Pyper and the girls in Idaho, and that was one measly hour. A flight to Canada is anywhere from 4 to 7 hours, depending on the stopovers, delays, etc, etc.

This time around I am flying Southwest, who I honestly prefer when it comes to flying with Adds. They are super kid-friendly, and they let me board early and pick the best seats (whoch of course, is the second row window seat) Now, Delta does a straight through flight to Toronto, which is so great, but its always double the price and it's a small plane. AND if you fly directly into Toronto, you must face the wrath of Airport Immigration, which is pure evil ( was detained last time I flew directly in, it was pretty horrible.) So Southwest it is. But they only fly into Buffalo, so I fly there and cross the border via my parent's van. Believe it or not, driving across the border is a hundred times easier, and Addison can be alseep in her carseat, and I am not lugging 3 suitcases on foot, as I would be in Toronto.

Let me also say, this will be Addison 8th plane trip. She is the best little flier I could ever ask for. By now she just thinks its fun to go on planes, watch movies and eat treats. I make sure our stopovers are always in Chicago, because they have the best play area. I AM SO SAVVY! So I don't mind flying with her at all. She usually makes friends with whichever poor person ends up sitting next to us, and then offers them goldfish for the duration of the flight. Last time we flew home, we were watching Shrek, much to the delight of everyone around us.

Mind you, there is always a person who hates that you're bringing a baby on a plane. And to them I say, I hate you. Nothing in this world bothers me more than some person complaining that your kid is somehow bothering them. Oh, I'm sorry, did you come out of your mother's womb as age 40 and cranky? Pretty sure you didn't. To me, its the equivalent of people immigrating to the US and then making comments about how they shouldn't let immigrants in. Like its only okay for them. So Cranker McCrankypants is basically saying it was only acceptable for himself to be a child once. But no allowances for any other children, ever. When I come across these people, I hope they sit in front of me, and then pray that Addison kicks their chair all flight long. Its what they deserve.

So, fingers crossed, this flight will be as uneventful and boring as they usually are. Canada! (er, Buffalo, then Canada) here we come!


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