Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Update: First Owie

Monday, monday, monday. I hate Mondays. Oh well, better get to it.

This weekend was Mother's Day. I have to give Justin credit because I know he doesn't understand the purpose of buying me things when I'm clearly not his mother, but he gives it a good effort anyhow. Although we have discovered over almost 5 years of marriage, that I am most happy when I get to go shopping as a present. There is nothing like spending money completely guilt free because Justin is the one swiping the card. So Saturday night, after a very sad attempt at going shopping with Addison (I bought two books and almost had a coronary when she ran out into a parking lot. I know... what kind of mother am I?) We deposited Adds at her Papa and Memaw's house and went off on our own. Gooooood times. We went up to Riverwoods, which is a cute little outdoor mall in Provo, and I promptly bought out half of A&F. Now, the store itself drives me crazy. The music is annoying and there is never anyone to open a stupid change room for you. But I take one for the team when it comes to the clothes. LOVE. Justin was the best, wandering out to get me different sizes like 800 times. We went to a few more stores and then the mall before deciding to get Addison. That's how I like to celebrate mother's day!

Sunday was calm. We were off to church, where I thought Addison might *sense* that it was Mother's Day and be a good girl for me, but no such luck. She ended up playing with another baby in the kitchen for most of the time. The babies mom and I were laughing, saying that Mother's Day was harder because you have to be extra sweet and perfect.

Afterwards, Addison got her first real, live, scraped knee. It was so sad! We were walking along outside and she caught the edge of the pavement with her shoe and she went flying. Poor kid scraped both of her knees and one of her elbows. I thought it was a nice addition to her cute dress.

Aw look at her poor elbow. She thought the band-aid was pretty cool though.

Just cuteness. I tried straightening her hair for the first time, it went curly again within five minutes. Excuse the messiness of my house, we'd been wrapping presents.

See? Curly. Oh well, better leave my curlytop alone.

So that was our weekend. I am excited for this week. Its busy enough to go fast, and next week is when I go home to Canada. YAY.


Jenni said...

Aww your little girl is sooo cute! Owies are no fun! Jenni from BBC.

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