Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad Mom Moment #6,452

I've had tons of bad mom moments. TONS. You know the kind, they're the ones where either you do something or you do something in front of a lot of people and you really just wish you could crawl into a hole and die, because you've spent so much time grooming yourself as a perfect mom, and your LIES have just been EXPOSED.

The very best bad moment I had was when Addison was 6 months old and I was tossing her up in the air. She's always loved to be tossed around, and at my house, that's fine. We have like 40 ft ceilings. Ad my in law's house - not so much. They have thick timber beams running through their ceilings and I launched Addison right into one. Yeah, pretty cool. Bad mom moment.

Now as Addison gets a little older, she is the one causing the bad mom moments by what comes out of her mouth. I've mentioned about the time she told my mother in law to "Shut up," and as she hears me say more things, she's more inclined to repeat it at awkward times.

Anyhow, anytime we go to the store and I let Addison get something (Which, lets be honest, is EVERY TIME because I am a sucker) I keep her from tearing open the package right there and then by telling her we have to go give it to the lady at the front. Usually the checker is sweet enough to give Addison her own bag, unless she is one of those crotchety old types who don't like children and I want to punch. Anyhow, we were at the store and Addison wanted a bubble gun or something like that. She picked it out and asked "Give to lady?" And I told her yes, we would when we were done. So we finished shopping and got into the checkout line. Our checker was a man (with long hair, what ARE the odds?), but by this time I'd forgotten anything about Addison. Addison put her bubble gun on the conveyor, and as soon as the checker rang it through and put it in the bag, she shouted out, "Thank you, lady!"

No, thank YOU, Addison.


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