Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Confessional

-I just spent my morning losing to Addison in Hungry Hungry Hippos - I was not trying to let her win.
-I love infomercials. Especially if they are about food (Hooray for the Xpress 101) or about slimming undergarments, which fascinate me.
-I can't stand to have water on my face, I bring a towel into the shower with me.
-I actually enjoy the occasional rice cake, if its caramel.
-Want to make me super angry? Complain about being poor while spending money. I can't guarantee I won't punch you in the eye.
-I secretly like cooking, but hate cleaning up so much that I don't cook as much as I might if I had a private maid.
-I am raising Addison to have a superiority complex. I don't mind, you shouldn't either.
-I think drinking things with straws automatically taste better.
-I have an insane addiction to bobby pins. Ask Justin. THEY ARE ALL OVER OUR HOUSE. And yet, I still buy a pack every time I'm at the store.
-Every time I think about having another baby, I think about trying to do tings with TWO babies and hyperventilate.


Lund Family said...

I can totaly relate on the bobby pin thing and complaining about being poor. Luke is always picking up my bobby pins.

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