Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update: Smorgasbord

I'm starting this week off in a good mood because there is a slight chance we could be going to San Diego for a little mini vacation at the end of the week, fingers crossed. So I shall be happy.

We had another jam-packed weekend, which is something I DO like about summer, even if I hate everything else. I took Addison swimming again on Friday, it's become our little Friday ritual. We go down to the pool, I generally freak out because Addison is running around dangerously, and we go home with Addison being EXHAUSTED. A new pool opens this week, which will be awesome, it has waterslides and a splash park and all that goodness. Hopefully it'll be less drowning-inducing than the old one. When we were done at the pool, Justin showed up and we grabbed some dinner. When we got home, we realized it was our town's annual "We Are Such An Awesome Town and Aren't We So BLESSED to Live Here" celebration. They were having a big dinner down at the city park, so we walked down and scored some snow cones and cotton candy and let Addison play at the park while we ate her snow cones and cotton candy. She was so very ready for bed when we got home, so she went down early. YAY. Oh the life of a parent.

Saturday the city was having a carnival, and we planned to go, we really did, but it just didn't happen. So to make up for it, we took Addison to the pet store to pick out some new goldfish, since she overfed and killed her old one. We also found out she doesn't enjoy snakes, large spiders or scorpions, all at the pet store, but she does love bunnies. We got her the fish anyhow. I was feeling ambitious and got two. We brought them home and christened them Max and Ruby, and they aren't dead yet!

We also went to see Wall-E at the theatre. Um, k, I know it was a kid's movie and all, BUT I LOVED IT. So cute. Addison even sat through it. Good times. I want to go again. Nothing like a Disney movie to put you in a good mood. It was hot though, so when the movie was done, we went directly home. There was another ward party at dinner, but we decided to stay in and make some steak from a recipe I got from The Daily Bite (Thanks Sara, it was DELISH!) and went down for dessert instead. Addison was playing at the park with her little buddy Ethan, and I don't know WHAT they were doing, but Addison was filthy when we got home - dirt in her hair, in her diaper, everywhere. But we got her all cleaned up and she looked CUUUUUUTE.

My only achievement on Sunday was beating my brother-in-law Shane at shuffleboard on the Wii..............................TWICE. Turns out, I am a fantastic shuffleboard player.

Back to work though! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that our trip to Cali materializes!!


Carly said...

Oh my gosh that dress is ADORABLE. Where the crap did you get it?!!!

Jae said...

Carly - JCPenney baby. It was like $10 and they had SO many different versions of it and I bought it in a few different colours. I have a problem. lol.

Carly said...

Looks like I will be going to JCPenny! Thanks!!!

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