Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kid Stuff

Yesterday was supposed to be all doom and gloom according to the meteorologists on every local station. So Addison and I planned a fun day inside, thinking it would be rainy. Well, it actually turned out to be gooooorgeous and cool and sunny, so we went outside and attempted to do some fingerpainting. One thing I love about our house is that we have a gargantuan driveway, and so we're always doing random art projects out there, so as not to ruin my house. By the time we were done, we were playing more in the water that I brought out to wash off with than the actual paints.

Also, one public service announcement concerning the handiness of marrying an architect: the abundance of giant rolls of paper. Justin brings home literally ten foot pieces of paper, and Addison can make a mess and paint to her little heart's content. Also, I may or may not have painted a house. Also, I say also alot.


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