Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank you, Working Mother

Among other publications, I receive Working Mother magazine. This is my attempt at trying to bridge the weird limbo-gap that I live in, where I'm not technically a stay at home mom, but I'm not really a working mother either. It's a precarious balance. As a side note, I also receive Parenting, Glamour, and have a tendency to buy Cosmo, Marie Claire and various Us Weeklies through the month. I love magazines, because you can sit back and read them mindlessly, and you don't really have to (care, be knowledgeable, think about - pick one) anything that you're reading. So on those sweet, sweet days when I get a magazine in my mailbox, I bring it inside and read it cover to cover during Addison's nap. (Which, by the way, are still THREE hours long. How I love my sleepy baby!)

Also an interesting point of note, Working Mother magazine seems to think my name is Jacque. I think either like Jacques or maybe pronounced Jack-kay for some extra flair. I find this odd, because I never let anyone call me any form of Jackie, even if it is chock-full of pizazz. Nothing against the name Jackie, I just am not a Jackie. For one, all Jackie's are annoying. Sorry guys.

Anyhow, I was reading Working Mother the other day, and I came across the greatest article. According to them bickering with your spouse is very healthy! HALLELUJAH! Are you reading this Justin? Apparently it releases stress that bottled up, can cause high blood pressure leading to heart attack. So next time we have a fight over something, ie: the time we fought over going to Little Caeser's to pick up a $5 pizza, we can rest assured that we are only doing what's best. Also, the argument over laundry is adding five healthy years to our lives. (Yet another good reason not to do laundry...)

So, everyone reading this, I declare it National Pick A Fight With Someone Day. Granted, I don't really have the authority to declare a national holiday, but humour me. Did a significant other leave the toilet seat down? Bite their head off for it! How about not putting the peanut butter away? Cause for World War Three! And whats that? You don't want to spend your holidays with great Aunt Agnes? Tell em how you really feel.

Your blood pressure will thank you for it, even if nobody else does.



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