Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update: Jae goes it alone.

Another weekend down. This one was actually pretty great. Usually Sunday night rolls around and I think "What a waste! We didn't do anything fun..." But last night I went to sleep with a clear conscience that I had lived up to my full weekend potential. First of all, Justin had to go on yet ANOTHER campout. Goo, I hate them. So that sucked. Addison and I wandered over to the toy store and messed around. My big adventure was that Addison had a very full diaper twice on our shopping trip, and after the first diaper change I was left diaperless. So she went without for about 45 mins. I was in a mad panic, having visions of her being the gross kid in the store. But luckily, she did fine, which makes me believe she's closer to being potty-trained than I previously thought.

Anyhow, after that adventure we came home and Addison went to bed and I commenced staying up late for the sole reason that Justin wasn't around to tell me to go to bed. I watched a bunch of What Not to Wear, took a bath, read a little, and finally fell asleep around 2. Luckily I was awoken at 6 by our next door neighbour's dog, who I most definitely did not want to shoot with a BB gun.

Justin's mom was around at her house and I had to go get Justin a new cell phone charger due to his washing his old one, so I left Addison with her and went for a ride. We have the top off the jeep and it was HOT, so I got a nice sunburn. Justin wasn't due back from camping till the afternoon, but he called and got home early, and told me to go shopping for a while. I obliged. Nordstrom was having a huge sale and I picked up a few things. And by a few, a mean ten.

We also had a block party on Saturday night to go to, and it was so fun. One of the family's in our neighbourhood is Samoan, and I love them. They have five little girls, and they had a big barbecue with tons of sticky rice and chicken, and mangoes and all of that good stuff. The girls did traditional Polynesian dancing and it was soooo cute. The dad also does fire dancing, where he lights two ends of a stick on fire and tosses it around, eats it, you know, normal stuff like that. We played a bit of volleyball and I realized how much I truly suck. Addison had an awesome time running around with all of the neighbourhood kids too.

Sunday was pretty standard, except that I tried Wii Fit for the first time. SO FUN!!! It has convinced me to buy a Wii and the game, if I ever can find one, it's sold out EVERYWHERE. But totally worth it. I hula-hooped all night and now my abs hurt. Who knew!?

Now we're back to Monday again. I am excited for this week because a) its supposed to be lovely and cold and rainy all week long. I love rainy coldness. and b) when it ends, I am going to the Glow in the Dark Kanye West concert and I am going to eat my arm I am so excited.

K, I'm not really going to eat my arm. But you get the point.


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