Monday, July 14, 2008

The Big 2 to the 4

Yup, I am officially 24 as of Saturday. I woke up to a text message from my brother saying "Happy Birthday! A 1/4 of your life is over!"

We went up to the cabin with our friends Wally and Celeste and their son Kaden who is Addison's age. (Side note, I refer to them as Wally and Celeste, when really their names are Dan and Celeste, but Wally served with Justin on his mission and I have a habit of calling all of those guys by their last names. I even do it when talking to Celeste, even though she clearly knows her husband's name is not Wally.)

Anyhow, it was fun. We had planned a big camping-esque weekend with bonfires and smores and tinfoil dinners, but in the end we stopped at Granny's for burgers, ate alot of junk, played alot of Wii. I did make smores in the microwave though, and they we DEEEEELICIOUS. We watched the movie 10 000 BC, which if I'm being honest, was pretty much the worst movie ever made. We thought it would be awesome and action-y like 300, but instead it was lame and low budget... like a lame and low budget movie. We played Wii for roughly 1/2 the time we were there. Note to self: Never play Wii with Justin again, it just makes us hate each other. We also attempted to go fishing off-shore, but instead just reeled in a mother lode of weeds. Addison was happy though.

By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we were all beat and headed back down to the valley. We deposited Addison with her grandparents and Justin and I went to go see Hancock. LOVE. And, because it was our anniversary, we came home AND!!!!!!! fell asleep. Get your minds out of the gutter, dirt dogs.

We did dinner with my inlaws on Sunday, and I got my once yearly Hawaiian Haystacks that I would never make myself because there is too much too remember, but taste good when someone else makes it.

Oh! And the birthday spoils! A Sony portable DVD player for Justin (I have been begging for one of two years) some Abercrombie jeans (woo! they make my butt look good!), Princess Peach for the DS, a Best Buy gift card in order to buy more DS games, jewelry from Sheriece (who *knows* what I like lol) and the obligatory shopping money- pretty good, pretty good!

Also, I packed my camera in my duffel bag instead of my purse, and therefore forgot I had it all weekend, and therefore didn't take pics. Boo on me. I'll see if I can steal some from Celeste.


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