Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Death Bug!!!

Do you notice that when people say something like, "So there I was, minding my own business..." that they never really were minding their own businesses? Well, I REALLY was. On Saturday I was minding my own business and was ASSAULTED by a bug, so cruel and mean that I am still suffering from it today. I remember the very first time I'd ever been stung by a bee. I was six years old, and I'd just gotten home from my friend Kerri's birthday party, with my loot bag in tow. I was sitting in the backyard playing with my goodies and a bee crawled up my shorts, and when I scratched it, it stung me. I vowed to never get stung again. Well, 18 years later, here I am.

Saturday night I had talked Justin into going up to his parent's house to get the Wii so we could play a couple of new games. (By the way, those of you who know us, know that playing Wii together is always a bad idea. We are simply too competitive, and it always ends in a fight. Which it did.) So Justin headed up to his parent's house while I put Addison to bed. I tucked her in and then went to close her window. When I walked over, I felt a stinging in my foot, which hurt like a mother, and just stayed there. I freaked out, thinking I'd stepped on a nail or a pricker or something, and reached out to pull it out. Of course, as soon as I did that, the pain transferred to my hand and I realized I'd been stung by a freakin' hornet. It flew off, leaving me to start crying, trying to keep it to a minimum because Addison was watching me and I didn't want to scare her. I ran out of the room and out to our window, where I could see Justin walking up the road. I screamed to him like I'd just been shot, causing him to come running back to the house. He barreled in, and there I was, bawling my eyes out in the living room because it still hurt like mad and I didn't have the head about me to know what to do. Justin calmly got some ice and applied it to both my foot and my hand, and all was good. I stopped crying.

Now, here it is, three days later and I am STILL suffering. My hand seems to be okay, but my foot is swollen and red, spreading across the bottom. And it still hurts and itches like the dickens. Justin thinks I sould go see the doc, but doesn't that sound like a stupid thing to go to the doctor for? I'm guessing it's an allergic reaction, but I'm like seriously, how could such a tiny bug cause me so much grief? I can't even sleep at night. I tried wrapping it up in gauze with tons of Benedryl cream, but no such luck, it's still ugly and swollen today.

I also read on the internet that hornets don't die after they sting someone, like bumblebees. So I don't even get that satisfaction.


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