Thursday, July 10, 2008

Five Years Later

I thought I'd post this today because I have a busy day tomorrow and may not get the chance. Saturday will be mine and Justin's FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. It makes me sad, because we are moving out of newlywed territory and into old-married-couple-will-you-sew-patches-on-my-socks territory.

Justin and I met around November in 2001. In fact, the first time we met, I was home from school and sick. I had my mom move all of my stuff into the living room because I was tired of being in my room. So I was sitting and reading in my pajamas, no less, and the missionaries came by to see our family. There was a new missionary in the area, Elder Curtis that we just *had* to meet. So they came to our door and I was silently cursing because I was sitting there in all my sickie glory. Well, apparently Elder Curtis wasn't in a very good mood either, because he came in and sat in our chair and hardly said a word. I was kind of annoyed at him because I don't like people with bad attitudes. I believe I actually commented to my mom that he had a really bad attitude.

My mom loves missionaries, and she invited them to spend Christmas with us. I am a Christmas purist and was mad that our traditions were changing and even madder it was for grumpy Elder Curtis. They had Christmas breakfast with us, and I didn't pay any attention.
In the New Year, Elder Curtis became really close with my parents and brothers. He and his companion were around all the time, thanks to my mom feeding them constantly. So for the next six months, he just became a fixture in our house, even though his companions changed. I was in a relationship at the time and was in and out, but after a few months I got over my initial reaction to Elder Curtis and soon became friends with him. I'd see him playing basketball with my brothers on his day off and it just became pretty normal and comfortable.

When six months were over, we found out that he was going to be transferred to a new area, Brockville, ON. Oh well, I thought, missionaries are always getting shipped around, we were pretty used to getting new ones and saying goodbye. Elder Curtis came to our house the last night that he was in Ajax, and when he left, I couldn't believe how SAD I felt. Over the six month period, he'd actually become a friend, and I knew I'd miss seeing him around out house.
Well, a few weeks later he was able to travel and come for a visit, and I all of a sudden I had stopped thinking about him as a friend. When he came over, I made myself scarce and hardly spoke a word to him because I didn't know what to think. It was as if overnight everything had changed. He still had three months left on his mission and then was going back home to Utah, and I new there was no chance for us. When he left that night, the last thing I said to him was to remind him that my birthday was coming up.

My birthday that year was horrible. I was working a really crappy summer job and I was fired. Then on the way home, the car broke down in hundred degree weather in rush hour traffic. My friends took me out for dinner and my boyfriend at the time was very sweet, but I just wasn't in the mood and I came home early. I came through the door, surprising my mom who didn't think I would be in for a few more hours and stalked off to my room. There on my bed was a present! And when I went to open the card, I saw that it was from Justin Curtis. It was a Canada hoodie (which I still have to this day.) Suddenly, my birthday was just a little better.

Meanwhile, my mom and Justin's mom had been e-mailing and talking. After we had him over for Christmas, Justin's mom called us to thank my mom. They had gotten to know each other pretty well. My mom had been planning a trip to Utah to visit a friend in St. George. We planned a trip for August, because Justin would be home then as well and we could visit. His mom offered to have us stay at their cabin while we were down, and we accepted.

Justin went home the first week of August, and we started to send e-mails back and forth. I knew there was something happening that was more than friends, and I broke up with my boyfriend (Yes, I still had one at this time. Nice girl).

When we flew to Utah I was SO NERVOUS. We'd known each other for almost a year and for the first time would be able to hang out on our own terms. When we saw the Curtises in the airport, Justin's mom ran up and gave me a big hug - Justin did not. He just stood there. But we went up with them to their cabin, and after a day there, both Justin and loosened up enough to get back to where we were before all the expectation. After a week in Utah, everything had changed, and I left there so sad that I wouldn't be around him anymore.

Long distance relationships are hard, and we did the best we could. Bot for every minute we spent fighting, we spent another 5 minutes wishing we were together. Finally, Justin proposed in April of 2003, and we were married on July 12th, 2003 - my nineteenth birthday. In a year and a half we'd gone from hating each other, to tolerating each other, to being friends, to becoming husband and wife.

On paper, Justin and I are a terrible match. I think alot of the time people wonder how we ever ended up together. We always say we are known as the Couple that Should Be Divorced, because our personalities are like oil and water. Where Justin is mellow and even-tempered, I am passionate and unpredictable. But we have a unique relationship, tested by time and distance and then hardened by our sacrifices to make it work. We were married so young, but three months in, knew that we would end up together somehow.

Five years later, and here we are. Older, not much wiser, with a beautiful daughter and the makings of a family. It has been a crazy ride, school, work, building the house, but I can only hope that the next five years are as crazy and fulfilling as the last.

The words to our wedding song are written on our bedroom wall:
"Sometimes I lie awake just thinking,
Of all the horizons we have seen.
And as another day is sinking,
I thank God you're here with me."

Love you Justin, Happy Anniversary!



Justin said...

Aw.. you're so sweet. This has been the best 5 years of my life. I know it is hard for you to live away from all of your family and friends, but I sure appreciate it (even though I don't tell you enough).


Bonnie said...

Justin and Jacqueline! I can't believe that five years have passed so quickly. And yes is hard to be away from family - but you make it so much easier by always supporting Jacqueline when she needs to come home - or I need to come there! Okay, here's the old person comment - soon you will look and before you know it - you will have been together 32 years and you won't believe how fast that time went either. But by then your gorgeous little girl will be living in Canada with her GiGi who has introduced her to a wonderful young Canadian man - don't worry, I'll take good care of her! We love you both so much! (PS your parcel is in the mail - but I only sent it on Tues. morning so you might not get it until next week. But have a fun anniversary and Jacqueline - have a great birthday....kiss Addison for me! Love Your Canadian Mom xxxx

Jae said...

As opposed to my Russian mom...

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