Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On A Serious Note...

If everyone could take a second today and say a quick prayer for our friends, Colby and Julie, we'd be grateful. Colby and Justin served their missions together in Toronto, and his wife Julie is originally from Russia, a permanent resident in the US like me. They used to live in Utah back when I first moved here, but have since moved to Texas and we miss them like crazy.

Recently they went on a trip to Russia to visit Julie's parents, and as they were preparing to come home to Texas, found out that the government would not be letting Julie out of the country. Colby had to take their two daughters, Lena and Veeka, ages 2 and 4, back home, while Julie has been forced to stay in Russia. The most they have told her is that she'll know in a month or so what her status is and if she'll be able to come back home. Meanwhile, her daughters are missing their mother and Julie is without her husband and children. They have a Church attorney working on the case, but unfortunately due to relations between the US and Russia, the US Embassy has been less than helpful. The cherry on top would be the fact that Colby and Julie just found out they'd be expecting another baby.

We love Colby and Julie. Julie is one of the most outgoing, helpful and caring people in the world, and her family misses her. Colby has been working and trying to take care of the girls at the same time. We don't have much of the details, just what Colby has told us, and we're waiting to hear more. But any extra prayers are going to help. I can't imagine what it would be like to be separated from Addison for an unknown amount of time, not knowing the next time I'd get to see her. My heart just breaks for their family.

We love you, Colby and Julie, and know that we're thinking of you.


Carolyn said...

Oh no! That story is so sad. I hope that things work out very soon!

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