Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Confessional

-Justin and I had an in depth conversation last night about the flight path of planes outside our window. It flies across EVERY NIGHT. We are of the consensus that is is coming from Mexico. Just an educated guess.
-I almost pass out from sheer joy every time the Diego "Save the Sea Turtles" movie is on. It's an HOUR long and keeps Addison glued for the duration.
-I do not enjoy stranger's children and wonder why they are throwing sand at me at the park.
-I have an unnatural love for sweaters and hoodies. Monday is supposed to be cold and I am SO EXCITED.
-I ate peanut butter cups for breakfast this morning. I have been complaining to Justin about the smell of them as he eats them every day, but today when he left for work I snuck into the bag and ate seven of them.
-Yet I still was angry that Addison would not eat her balanced breakfast.
-Then I gave her a water-gun, which was stupid. I am soaking wet.
- I secretly like being un-American during elections because I can say whatever I want about it (*cough*IhateHillary*cough*) and have no responsibility whatsoever to act upon my feelings.
-Yet, I am apalled at people who don't vote.
-We are in the thick of potty training, and I am fairly sure I say the word "pee pee" about 8000 times per day. I am sick of hearing it, I can't imagine how Addison feels.


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