Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Update: Labour Day

Justin and I had a conversation about Labour Day on Monday. First of all, I am aware it is an American holiday, yet I still use Canadian spelling. Yeah, that's just too bad. Anyhow. It went like this:

Jae: So why do we have Labour Day?

Justin: It's just a holiday.
Jae: But like, why? I understand putting a flag up on Memorial Day or Independence Day, but what's with the flags for Labor Day if it doesn't really mean anything?
Justin: I don't know! It's for the working class.
Jae: I don't believe you.

Come to find out via Wiki that he was right. But I still don't know why they get flags.

Anyhow, we ad a long weekend, which was kicked off by me taking my Achievement Days girls for a campfire Friday night. EXACTLY how I want to spend my Friday night. We made smores and headed home. The next morning I bounded out of bed at 6:30 because it was Swiss Days! Swiss Days is a festival in Midway and it is MASSIVE. Lots of things to buy and treats and stuff like that. We've been going since the first time I ever came to visit Justin. So we loaded the car up to go to the cabin right after. We got up to Midway early and commenced the three hour shopping trip that it entails. They have all sorts of booths selling home decor, and baby stuff, and toys etc, etc. Unfortunately, five minutes in I caught the scent of ham somewhere and complained to Justin until we went to find it. I paid $7 for an all you can eat breakfast. I ate only ham. Five pieces. I disgust myself. Anyhow, we ended up buying a few things for the house, a bar of home made soap, and all manner of caramel apples, cotton candy, and other super healthy things at 8:30 am. After we saw the parade, we went to the cabin.

The cabin was not as fantastic as I'd planned, due, as usual, to me wanting to have multiple naps and it never EVER happening. 'Nuff said.

Monday was Justin's birthday. I am jealous that it's over a holiday every year, he never as to work on his bday! We came back down to our house and got a big 'ol dinner ready. I got Justin a Playstation 3 for his big 2-8 so that was pretty much the main event. Justin's sister brought over American Idol and when everyone left, I played it with Addison for two hours, and she finally went down WAY past her bedtime. I got a perfect score on Heart of Glass, so that was a pretty big deal. I'm pretty much a superstar.

Anyhow, it was a FULL weekend, and we only have 5 more working days until Lake Powell. I can do this, I can do this.



Morgan and Derek said...

Oh Jaestar, if I do not eat the equivalent of a small cow daily, I can't function. I hear ya, babe. :)

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