Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Update: I'm ALIVE!

This weekend was so great compared to the last 4 week of weekends. I promise I am done complaining, because I am pretty sure I am on the tail end of my morning sickness. I am feeling a little ooky today, but still about 10 times better than I have. Nice. So all I am concentrating on is that there is only one baby in the belly, and I'll find out in a couple of weeks. But I swear, if I hear another person give me the "T" word, I'll scream, I really will.

On Friday we decided to take Addison to Kung Fu Panda, AGAIN because it was in the dollar theatre, and I just wanted the popcorn. Justin had some overtime saved up, so he got off work early and we went to Cafe Rio and then over to the movies. It was fine, EXCEPT there was some obnoxious five year old sitting in front of us, and he would just run up and down the rows of seats and then stand up on them in our way and try and talk to Addison and apparently his mother didn't care. Finally I decided to be passive-aggressive and when she finally decided to look over, I gave her the evilest eye I ever did, so she finally called her kid "DAYTON!" which is a really weird name by the way, and he went over, but not before he grabbed at Addison and caused her to burst into tears. Justin and I went into recovery mode, trying to get her to stop with all manner of movie treats, but Justin had to walk her out. So thanks, Dayton, where ever you are. No, thanks more to Dayton's mom for doing such a stand-up job.

Anyhow, because I hadn't done any housework for literally 8 weeks, we cleaned on Saturday. And cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. Typically we just split the house in half, Justin takes upstairs and I take down because he has an inexplicable fear of cleaning the kitchen AND loading the dishwasher. I was super tired for no apparent reason so it took a good 5 hours. We topped the day off with a terrible trip to WalMart on a Saturday. WHY, WHY do I go on Saturdays? I have no idea.

Oh, and everyone has figured out I'm pregnant. I finally decided to bite the bullet and wear something form fitting to church, (the last 5 weeks I've been practically going in muu muus, which is probably clue enough because I never wear baggy clothes) and so the cat is out of the bag. I got some raised eyebrows when people found out I was only 9 weeks along though. Almost double digits!!

So anyways, I took pics of our new dining room table that I love so much and feel the need to show off. Tell me how nice it is!!! And we'll be friends.
K so this is kind of washed out. But you get the point. IT WAS SUNNY!
And with the rest of the decor. I love being grown up enough to have decor.


Wahlin Family said...

Love the table, it's very similar to the one I want.

Jae said...

Yay you guys need to come over soon and we shall have dinner around. Ooh! Canadian Thanksgiving this year!

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