Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Update: No Rest for the Wicked... or Pregnant.

So remember on Friday when I said if I didn't sleep all weekend long, you'd hear about it? Yeah. This is you hearing about it. We had to get out of the infernal heat down here (103? Is that really necessary? (By the way, for the Canucks, that is a whopping 40 degrees Celsius. Celsius makes SO much more sense.) Anyhow, we headed up to the cabin, which being on top of a mountain is always about 10-20 degrees cooler. We got there about 7 that night and had some dinner. Addison and I played outside for a good hour, and we came in and got ready for bed. I was so happy to snuggle in and get some sleep, and was barely drifting off, when Justin's grandparents whom I adore and who were in the room next to us began their night time routine at full volume. If you knew Justin's grandma, you'd just have to laugh, we just laid there listening to them yell at each other about what shirt to wear the next day. After the turned off their lights and settled down, I started to fall asleep again. All of a sudden, their lights go back on, and Grandma starts telling Grandpa that there is an extra dog in their room. They had brought Molly, their poodle, but she swore she could hear another. At this point, I am ready to either laugh or cry hysterically. Addison is just laying beside me, eyes wide open, listening in. Grandpa and Grandma search their room, again talking full volume, until they come to the agreement that no, there is no extra dog in their room, and turn off their lights and go to bed.

They wake up at 5 a.m.

So, we dragged ourselves out onto the boat, where Addison and I promptly fall asleep in the most awkward positions ever, due to her massive life jacket. No one catches any fish, and the wind picks up, causing the boat to rock. I usually have a steel stomach. I've never been motion sick in my life. Turns out, when I'm pregnant, not so much. I had to make everyone go in because I was 2 more waves away from throwing up. Luckily, the sickness lasted all the rest of the day and night. Nice.

Sunday I DID get some sleep. Four hours worth of a nap, to be exact. Which turned out to be a not so good idea a few hours later when I tried to go to bed but couldn't, and instead ended up watching The X Effect until 2 am. (Love that show, by the way.)

So I'm going to try to not nap at all today, which should be a pretty big feat considering y sleeping patterns lately. I think Justin will divorce me if I toss and turn and get up to go to the bathroom all night long again.

Anyhow, here's the pics. Most are of Addison, who wanted to dress up as a princess with bunny ears, and not change all weekend long. Let me tell you, you have not been frustrated until you've tried stuffing a two year old in her car seat amid layers of tulle.
Classic Addison 'ew' face.


Carolyn said...

Lol, I love the Princess pictures. little girls are so funny. And I laughed about the grandparent story. Although, when you said they started their nightly routine- my mind went somewhere else... lol!

Jae said...
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Jae said...

Hahah ewww carolyn. Get your mind out of the geriatric gutter. lolololol

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