Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Confessional

-I sometimes think that I would be alot more comfortable sleeping if I didn't have arms. They always seem to be in the way!
-I let Addison listen to rap alllll the time. One day I am going to have pony up and explain to her what a 'ho' is. I am dreading that day, but I dread kid's music even more.
-I forgot how weird my food intake becomes when I am pregnant. Right now, I am single-handedly supporting the two McDonald's in our area multiple times each day.
-Yet, I cry when I gain weight.
-Last night, I threw a Slurpee-related fit directed at Justin. He got me a Slurpee.
-I am super intolerant of unattractive children. Children can be buggy in the first place, but then if they don't have their cuteness to fall back on, they are done. I know that sounds mean, but hey, at least you know that if I am nice to your kids, that I probably think their cute.
-I just reread that last one and thought that it was pretty mean. But obviously I didn't erase it! See how RAW and HONEST I am?
-I read gossip magazines at an alarming rate. I wish I could take all the money I've spent them on and pay for Addison's college.
-I fully expect to sleep all weekend long. You'll hear about it if I don't.


J.T. and KristaLyn said...

Congratulations on the new kid in your belly!! Next time you throw a slurpee fit, could it be that you actually throw a slurpee at Justin. I think that would be great, haha. Can't stop laughing about you someday having to explain to Addison what a "ho" is. Good luck with your pregnancy.

Wahlin Family said...

I love your Friday Confessionals, they make me laugh so hard. I think I love them so much because I have to agree with you on most of it.

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