Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Update: Worst...Weekend...Ever...

K, so I totally feel like I've done nothing but complain for the last week, but if you really want to know how my weekend went, it'll definitely sound like complaining to most ears. It was bad.

So Friday night I was DYING for some sort of potatoes. Really what I want are those little roasted potatoes from Imperial Buffet in Ajax, but any sort of potato would have done just fine. Justin called, as he now does like clockwork, on the way home from work to see what I wanted. I said McDonalds (SHOCKER!) and so he brought me home a Big Mac and LARRRRRGE and in charge fries. I ate them within 30 seconds and felt better. We decided to go get ice cream and go walk around the pond that has a park and ducks etc, so Addison could work out some energy. When we got home, it was dark and we put Addison to bed, and went to watch some olympics, which is ruining my schedule badly. Anyhow, I remember thinking wow! I haven't felt this good in AGES! Hahaahaa.

Around 2am I woke up feeling super sick. Like, SUPER sick. I came out to the loft and turned on the TV because I didn't want to wake Justin and there was no way I'd be able to sleep. So I am laying on the couch when I get the uncontrollable urge to throw up. The closest thing to me is my McDonalds cup. Yes, I ralphed into a McDonalds cup. Justin came out of the room to see what was going on and brought me back to bed. I spent the rest of the night doing much of the same. Lovely. I blame it on the Big Mac.

Saturday I didn't leave bed once. Until about 9pm when I just couldn't take it anymore and hobbled out to the loft to be with Justin and Addison. I collapsed into tears when I realized how hungry I was and yet still didn't have the stomach to eat anything. It was great.

And, to top it all off, somehow I wrenched my back in the whole process, and have spent all weekend laying on a heat pad in 90 degree weather.

I was going to redeem this post with pics of Addison from the weekend, but I can't find the stupid camera cord!!! Addison has started this funny habit of wrapping cords around her wrists like bracelets, which is funny and quirky until she steals your camera one, and your weekend post ends up being dreary and depressing and just the slightest bit bitter.

Sorry guys.


Carolyn said...

Yuck, that does not sound like a fun weekend! Here's looking forward to the 2nd trimester! lol

Jenni said...

Aww sorry you aren't feeling well. Thats the hardest part of pregnancy. At least for me.

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