Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Does That?

So, my brother Ryan is a big jerk.

A couple weeks ago he was telling me about this Japanese TV show I *had* to watch. (Ryan lived in Japan for a year.) Anyhow, he sent me the link and I started watching it. Now I am addicted and it is officially the SADDEST show I've ever seen. It's only 11 episodes long, and I've been watching them bit by bit (I'm on episode 9 right now) and every time I watch an episode, I end up bawling and sobbing like a baby. Yesterday I watched an episode right before I went grocery shopping, and my eyes are SO puffy.

I want to know WHO recommends super sad shows to watch to an overly emotional pregnant girl? HONESTLY!

Anyhow, if by chance you want to watch it, and are NOT pregnant, I totally think you should. It's broken up into ten minute segments for each episode. It's about a teenage girl who is diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease at 15, and how it affects her and her family. It's a true story, which makes it even sadder.

Anyhow, here's the link. The segments are the ones listed beside "DAIL". Enjoy.... or not...



Ryan Porter said...

you are such a baby.

Jae said...

Shut up! Are Aya and Haruto going to fall in loooooove? Tell me! No, don't. I need something to cry over.

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