Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mmm... Pumpkin-y

So who DOESN'T end up taking their kids to the pumpkin patch sometime this season? I had an Activity Days activity (for those of you who don't know, Activity Days is a program for the 9-11 year old girls, we take them out and do fun, educational things with them twice a month. ANYhow, we had scheduled to take them to our pumpkin patch and do autunm-y things, and I thought Addison would probably have fun too, so I brought her along. Immediately I had a dozen ten year old babysitters, that wanted to lavish attention and love upon Addison like it was going out of style. Addie, of course, loved every minute of it ad informed me she would like to go back to the pumpkin path. I am less enthusiastic, although the apple cider was very good and I may or may not have bough A POUND AND A HALF of fudge from the little store. And wait for it, I surely will cry when the nurse tells me I've gained another five pounds. But it was chocolate. peanut. butter.

And here are the pics!

I couldn't get her to pay attention to me in order to get a pic. Too many little girls running around having fun.

Addison and Madeline, one of our girls.

Picking THE pumpkin. She ended up with a deformed peanut shaped one. Alas, I didn't care because I'm not around for Halloween this year.

Cutest girl of life. SEE? Peanut pumpkin!


Derek and Mary said...

What a fun idea! I just got put in as a leader, too. We had a halloween party with all the girls dressed up. I noticed you haven't posted what you're having yet. . .

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