Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

We started the weekend with a bang! On Friday, Dallin and I were getting ready to head over to the DMV, where he needed to change over his license to a Utah one. I dressed Addison and got myself ready, and when I was coming down the stairs I had a mild contraction. I thought it was weird, because even though it was mild, it was still stronger than your average Braxton Hicks. By the time I was putting on my shoes, they progressed into full-on contractions, and they hurt like a MOTHER. I tried laying down on the couch but they were still coming, so I yelled at Dallin to get me a drink and then ran upstairs to call my doc. He doesn't work on Friday's, so I called Justin and told him we were going to down to the hospital. Still contracting, I had the sense to run a bath but never got in because I just gave up and got in the car with Dallin and Addison and drove right down to the hospital. First I went to emergency room, but after dealing with the locals there and wanting to beat them all senseless, I finally went up to Labour and Delivery. When I got there, I stopped contracting (of course, because the world enjoys when I look like an over anxious first time mom AND I'M NOT!) but still pretty crampy. I got a hold of the head nurse on duty, but when I told her I was only 18 weeks along, she proceeded to tell me that my pregnancy "was not viable" because I wasn't 22 weeks. Like, I don't care if they can't do anything, I just needed to know the babe was okay. So I asked her "So, you just want me to go home?" And proceeded to burst into tears. Dallin swears he saw my chin wobble first, which is a Porter trait. The nurse finally directed me into the nurses station, and a very sweet nurse offered the crazy crying pregnant lady juice and kleenex.

When Justin showed up, the head nurse realized that she knew us and directed me into a private room and pulled out the doppler WHICH WAS ALL I WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. The baby's heartbeat was faster than normal, but still good, and it was kicking the doppler all over the place. I immediately calmed down, I thought I was probably miscarrying. My family doctor was in the building and heard the commotion and came in to talk about everything, which I deeply appreciate, because he is just one of those calming people that make you just feel better instantly, if not a little weepy. I'm emotional okay?

ANyhow, they determined that I was dehydrated, which caused the contractions, and that was bad. I got a stern talking to about the amount of liquids I am taking in, and laid in L&D drinking the world's biggest ice water while they called my OB. Finally, the nurse came back and apologized for calling my pregnancy "not viable". It was awfully insensitive.

So, as per instructions from my family doctor, I rested all weekend and drank enough to fill a camel hump. I felt much better after that, and not a contraction in sight.

Did I tell you how much I enjoy being pregnant?

Here's my latest belly pic!


Nathaly said...

How scary! I'm glad you and the baby are okay.

Kara said...

Wow Jae!! I'm glad everything is okay. That is scary, and what's with the grumpy nurse?

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh you poor dear! I'm glad everything is okay.

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