Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend was one that I thought would be low key and instead it was all crazy and busy-like. First off, I quit my job last Wednesday in favour of something a little more low key. I love working and being the quintessential "working mom" but my job had gotten too demanding and I was finally DONE. Luckily, my mom offered me a job with her company (check them out at and and so I happily took it. My hours have been cut in half and my stress level plummeted. Then, Friday afternoon I got a call from a digital scrapbooking company here in Utah, who I had sent samples of my work to over a month ago, wanting to know if I'd sign on to work for them. I passed out from sheer delight, and agreed, and so I suspended m two weeks notice with my original boss because he was being an arse, and today am playing around with the fun scrapbooking software my new boss has overnighted to me. Basically, I'll be making tutorials to teach people how to do their scrapbooking digitally, which I love because I can't stand to paper scrapbook anymore.

Anyhow, Friday night we decided to just veg out. Luckily, Addison is still having massive D-R-A-G-O-N issues, and would not go to sleep at a decent time. She finally fell asleep at like, 10:30 (UGH) and I *think* we watched a movie, but I can't remember. I have a head cold.

On Saturday, we had to go to a funeral for the my first boss that hired me when I moved here. He was the sweetest man in the entire world, and played a huge part in helping Justin and me to build our house... he let us trade work for materials, kept us well paid and made sure we were constantly taken care of. The funeral was beautiful though, he wrote in his spare time (I started working with him editing his novel he was writing when we met) and he ad written poems through his life that were read at the service. Afterwards, we headed off to the store to buy stuff for our big Thanksgiving.

Which was Sunday. I left church early with Addison because are both sick and germ-infested, and instead went to make dinner (Um, guests? If you get sick, it was my fault.) I doused myself in antibacterial stuff, I promise!! We had 11 adults and 5 kids this year, and it was awesome. We had so. much. food. So thanks to the Wahlins, the Millards, the Batys, and Justin's brother and sis for coming. I wish I took some pictures of all the kids, the Batys Mackenzie could be the most adorable and agreeable baby I've ever seen.

So, off to play around with software. This is the first Monday in TWO years I didn't wake up to a gajillion e-mails and angry coworkers. Fabulous. Love life.


J.T. and KristaLyn said...

We had tons of fun seeing you guys. Hopefully it won't be so long before our next get together.

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