Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dragons... and a pregnancy update

So my adorable little girl has the WORST nightmares. I think she is just like me, overactive imagination, I've had bad nightmares since I can remember. Usually I just grab her, put her in bed with us, and she settles right down.

Last night she woke up just SCREAMING. I ran into see what was wrong and she was sitting up in bed and shaking like a leaf, saying "I'm scared! I'm scared!" I asked her what was wrong and she said "I'll getcha!!" So I gathered her up, and put her in bed with us, but she was still pretty worked up. I asked her what was going to get her and she said "The dragon!!" Which was pretty weird. I calmed her down and said, "Don't worry Addison. There's no dragons, just mommy and daddy." She finally went back to sleep, but still woke up in the morning talking about her nightmare.

Well, this morning I was pretty frustrated about something (a job change- scary) and while eating my breakfast put m head down on the table and I'm not going to lie, had a good emotional, pregnancy cry. Addison looked up from her chair and saw me upset and said "It's okay Mommy. No dragons, only Addison."

At which point I melted into a pile of goo. Most adorable baby EVER....

As for my other baby, the fetus one, everything looks good. I went to an appointment on Wednesday and had some bloodwork (ew) and listened the heartbeat. This time was a little scary. My doc pulled out the doppler after he measured me and took a listen. Two minutes later we still hadn't heard anything. So he sat down and looked at his notes for a second and then looked at my measurements, and came back. He then proceeded to squeeze my belly down to the bottom like an almost finished tube of toothpaste. When e had it as tight as it would go, he pinned the doppler down, and there it was! We listened for a minute, and then he told me that apparently I had two problems. The first was that my stomach had too much muscle in it. (Which I secretly liked) and the second is that my baby is SO WIGGLY, he had to pin it down at the bottom to get it still enough to have a listen.

After I begged him, he told me I could ave two ultrasounds, an earlier gender ultrasound before I went to Canada, and a second medical one when I get home. SO!! The big day is Oct. 24th, and hopefully we'll know what this thing is!!

Here's a VERY huge belly pic. 15 weeks. Blah, this kid is HUGE. This is the belly I had around 7 months last time.


Nathaly said...

You just popped up on my exceptionally unreliable baby radar and I think BOY.

Which means you'll probably have a girl. You look so cute! And that Addison story is adorable!

Carolyn said...

You look great! I hate those scary moments at the doc office though!

How cute is Addison? I love the things she says.

Justin said...

Ew... self taken picture.

Jae said...

haha SHUT UP Justin, YOU won't take them

Sara said...

ohhh look at that cute belly!

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