Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Confessional

*Cracks knuckles* It's been a while since one of these eh? And I ave plenty of confessions just stored away from the last month or so.

-I hate singular clapping. Like, one person. A whole auditorium of people clapping is fine, but just ONE person clapping makes me want to shoot them with a bb gun multiple times. In the hand.
-K? Elevator etiquette people! Now that I'm at the hospital all the time, it makes me nuts when someone gets in the elevator before me, doesn't ask me what floor, and then situates themselves in front of the numbers (preferable while kissing their significant other) so I have to squeeze by and punch the number. JUST ASK ME WHAT NUMBER! I know we live in a very small state, and there aren't alot of elevators. But this is polite.
-I can't ever remember the order of the alphabet just off-hand. I always have to sing the song. Which can pose problems when I am asked to sort things in alphabetical order. I look like a crazy person.
-I sometimes secretly like it when Addison wants to listen to her music, which are soundtracks from Shrek, Happy Feet, Cars etc. I know all the songs and sing very loudly. Yesterday I was singing a song from Cars and Addison laughed and said I was funny. I didn't know whether to be offended or not.
-Sometimes I wonder if people are just exhausted by having so many "causes" and opinions. Don't you just get tired of caring about too many things? I have my hands full of caring about things, thanks. I don't need to pick up any more causes.
-I watch Tim Gunn's Guide to Style religiously and furthermore, impersonate him religiously. And often wish that he was my girlfriend.
-I make things "for Addison" that are purely for my consumption. Like peach Jell-o.


Alison Pillinger said...

hahaha I totally sing the alphabet song!
I work at a law firm downtown Toronto now, and one of the ladies asked me to sort her (15 shelves worth) of files alphabetically... I was singing all day! haha

Bonnie P. said...

Who eats peach jello???! Addison is probably happy that you eat it for her!

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