Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Update: Kickoff

So usually I never put up my Christmas stuff until the day after Thanksgiving. Justin and I usually go out, hit the sales, and come home and decorate after a leetle nap. But this year Thanksgiving is so late that I just decided to put it up this weekend. So that's basically what we did.

On Friday night, Justin took Addison to see Madagascar while I went to see Twilight along with the entire female population of the state. We already had our tickets, so we thought showing up a half hour before would be plenty of time to get snacks and find seats. WRONG. Turns out, people had been waiting in line for HOURS and we had to sit a few rows back from the front. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't first choice. The movie was pretty good. I am hearing wayyyy too many Twilight nerds analyzing it to death (She was wearing sneakers when she was SUPPOSED to be wearing heels - um, who cares) when I was like yeah, it was just a fun movie. I'll totally buy it when it comes out. Justin was exhausted when I got home, having wrangled Addison singlehandedly all night, but I think they secretly had fun too.

Saturday we were all geared up to decorate, but we decided to go see Justin's grandparents first, like we usually do on Saturday mornings. I woke up way early and couldn't get back to sleep, so I pestered Justin until he woke up and we went down for some hot chocolate. Afterwards, definitely decorating, right? No, Addison was playing with her cousins and we needed to babysit for an hour. Then decorating? Absolutely not. We got home and Addison wanted a nap, and it didn't sound like a terrible idea, so I had one too. Then decorating?? No, we had to go to the store and pick up a table runner and get an oil change. Finally, around 4pm, we decorated.

Sunday was the same old, except that we had bought Addison a new dress and I wanted her to have an elaborate updo to go with it, so I spent a half hour fashioning it. THEN! At church, Addison leaned back on Justin, who had a tie-tacky pin on his lapel, and her hair got tangled on it. Justin notified me and I shout-whispered (and I quote) "JUSTIN! What did you DO!?" And proceeded to unscrew the back of the pin to get her hair out, as it was pulling all of my hard work to bits. I dropped the pin on the floor, where it was picked up by another two year old, throwing me into a panic that he would impale himself upon it. Finally we got it back and I calmed down. Did I mention this was all during a prayer? Yeesh.

Anyhow, here are the pics BEFORE Justin's pin ruined Addison's hair.

Feeding the fish Apple Jacks

Her elaborate hair.

I love the back of this dress. Baby shoulder blades are the cutest.

Her new patented picture pose.

Just a regular smile.

Oh hey, tree, whatcha doin? Being too big to fit in a picture? That's cool.


The Molcak's said...

I love her "elaborate" hair, and the dress is super cute too!

Jen said...

Cute dress---and say hi to ya mother!

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