Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Again, Home Again,

Jiggity jig.

I say that to Addison just about every time we pull into our driveway. We just got back from San Diego for the weekend and it was pretty awesome, apart from all the DRIVING. We rented a car to go down, since we'd have the Tahoe coming back and didn't want to drive separately on the way home. We found out over the TEN hour drive with me, Justin and Addison, that maybe Justin and I wouldn't be as bad at The Amazing Race as I previously thought. I always say we would fight like crazy, but we literally drove straight to the guy's house with not one wrong turn, thanks to SOMEONE'S (read: mine) amazing orienteering experience, presumably learned from Camp Kandalore when I was 13. The only problem we had was that we were really low on fuel and the car was flashing LOW FUEL on the radio dash thingy. So we're frantically trying to find a spot to pull off to get get gas when Justin is like "Oh my gosh Jacqueline... it says ABSOLUTELY Low Fuel!!" And I'm like "Um, what? Why would it say that?" Then I look at the dash and realize that Absolutely is the name of the song we're listening to, not a dire warning to get more fuel. So the whole rest of the ride I was laughing with every song that flashed across the dash. "Notoriously LOW FUEL!!" "Gimme More LOW FUEL!" Bahahah. I think Justin got tired of it. I did not.

ANyways, we went and picked up the Tahoe and I was super excited. I drove it for the first time dropping off the rental car and it is smooooooth. Alot smoother than the jeep or the explorer, I'll tell you that much. BIG FAN. But the thing is HA-YUGE. I'll still need some parking lessons. lol.

We found our hotel, which was gorgeous, and Addison after being stuck in the car for ten hours without so much as a peep, wanted to go swimming and I wasn't about to deny her. So we ordered some room service and ate, and then headed out to the patio. No waiting a half hour after you eat rules in this family! It was kind of cool, like '70s at night, but the pool was warm and Addison loved it. Too bad we were all so tired we literally feel asleep at 9pm.

Saturday we just messed around on the island, played at the pool and took walks and went shopping, and played at the pool like three more times. I was planning a fancy shmancy dinner but by the time it rolled around we were all tired from being in the sun and playing all day that I ordered room service AGAIN and we ate and watching Sweet Home Alabama, before Addison insisted that we go swimming YET AGAIN.

The worst part was the ride home which took foreeeeeeever. I drove from some hole called Baker, CA to St. George and all the way through Las Vegas. I had this theory that Las Vegas in the day must look like a party girl who has to go home in the morning wearing the same outfit from the night before and eyeline smeared around her eyes. Guess what? I was right. Vegas at night is pretty though.

But we're home now, back to regular life. I was like "Justin, how come we always want to go on holidays, and then we are so happy to be home again?" We both agreed that it was our bed. It' s a really nice bed.

I have more doctor's appointments today, but I am sure they'll be fine because our dear baby boy hoofed me all weekend long. I had a dream last night that I went into labour and gave birth to a GIRL and then I ultrasounded MYSELF and found that the other two were still in there, so I actually had triplets. Worst. Dream. Ever.
Here's the pics!

Prettiness all lit up at night!
Addison and Justin being cute. There was a seal in the harbour!
The skyline in SD with all the sweet boats.
In pool for the 1800th time.
Me with the Tahoe. Two things. Yes, it IS that much bigger than me and Yes, I am that huge.

Some SWEET flower.

Addison being adorable.

The harbor by the hotel we were staying at. SO MANY BOOOATS.

Pretty gardens and waterfalls.

Me and Adds in the gardens. MATCHY MATCHY!

The hotel/lodgy thingy. Rather than a room, they all had these little tiki type cabins to stay in. LOVE.


Carolyn said...

Beautiful! i love San Diego. I am jealous of your Tahoe. Great pictures!

Morgan and Derek said...

How come you didn't stop by my 'hood on your way through? And you're still rocking the bikini? You're my hero. :)

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