Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poor Addison

With all of the hubub going on with the twins, poor Addison has been neglected in the blogosphere. Also, because she gets pawned off on various family members while I go to doctor's appointments, it feels like every time i come home, she's grown up just a little more. I am so nervous about being admitted into the hospital and not seeing her enough! She's sleeping in this morning, which I do enjoy. Lately she gets up all sleepy and lovey at 8:45 and I wish that I could sleep that long!

Remember way back at the start, when I posted a pic of Addison's hair when she gets up? Yeah, it's only gotten worse.
Because now, it's longer. This hair had to have a bath to tame it, some things just can't be fixed with a bottle of detangler and an Ariel brush.
A few updates and fun facts about what Addison is up to now.
-She loves working on school-y things... workbooks and computer games about the alphabet, numbers and shapes and colours, etc. I think it's boring and would rather watch Elmo's Christmas Carol, but what my baby wants, my baby gets.
-She will also ask me questions, and when I give her an answer, she sweetly tell me "That's right!" Like I was really worried about it.
-She is obsessed with my belly and makes sure it constantly has a blanket and will hug it from time to time. She calls it "Baby Andrew" (there's a small hint on what I tend to call it too) and loves to go through the baby stuff I've bought and let me know, very seriously, that Baby has only small eyes, a small nose and a small mouth.
-Besides her love for talking to strangers, she will now ask any person at any store if they have a sticker for her. More often than not, they do.
-While talking on the phone (she talks on the phone ALOT, always asking if we can call Gigi or Daddy or Uncle Rynie) she'll point things out to the person on the other line. "See?" and whoever she is talking to her MUST humour.
-After the big Dragon Scare of '08, we now have to leave a lamp on in her room and leave the door open when we put her to bed. She makes sure we do, by every time we put her down saying "LightonanddooropenandInotscaredeofdragons!!!"
-She loves my camera and learned how to turn it on and take pictures. Here are some of the good ones from yesterday.
Spongebob... don't judge me! lol.
Her messy toy room. It has since been cleaned, because when I saw this on the camera I was ashamed.
A blurry pic where mommy is playing couch commando and daddy is sitting on the floor. MY BACK HURT!
I think the kid has talent!!


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